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best dating advice for introverts

5 Pieces of the Best Dating Advice for Introverts

By Dr. Diana Kirschner | June 22, 2019 |

Best Dating Advice for Introverts Is making small talk (or any kind of talk) hard for you?  Do you feel shy, awkward or uncomfortable in dating?  Getting unwanted and unhelpful dating advice from friends or family? Well then you’ve come to the right place. Just for you, I’m sharing five pieces of my best dating…

can twin flames fall out of love

Can Twin Flames Fall Out of Love?

By Dr. Diana Kirschner | June 20, 2019 |

Can Twin Flames Fall Out of Love? Twin Flames are the super soulmates of true love.  But can twin flames fall out of love?   It truly seems impossible because of the depth of the connection.  Author Karen Ross describes it this way: “Our souls already know each other, don’t they?’ he whispered. ‘It’s our bodies…

diamond self process

The Diamond Self Process: Banish Self-Sabotage in 5 Minutes a Day

By Dr. Diana Kirschner | February 21, 2019 |

The Diamond Self Process The diamond self process is a revolutionary approach that allows you to give your mind instructions about creating a new identity and banishing self-sabotage forever. Precise instructions that help you create inner strength, self-love, empowerment, and success automatically in every area of your life. Because it is aimed at the internal…

Boomer Dating Advice: The Prince Myth

By Dr. Diana Kirschner | February 17, 2019 |

Here’s a short clip on the prince myth from Love in 90 Days: Finding Your Own True Love, a PBS TV Special now available on Amazon Prime Video. I hope that you find it inspiring. The show aims at boomers with practical dating tips. Plus it offers relationship advice to help you bring more love…

successful women dating

Successful Women Dating: Myths and Realities

By Dr. Diana Kirschner | February 13, 2019 |

Do Smart Men Really Marry Down? About 14 years ago, the psyches of successful single women were singed with worry when journalist John Schwartz wrote a New York Times article titled “Glass Ceiling at Altar as Well as Bedroom.” He claimed that “men would rather marry their secretaries than their bosses.” The following year, Maureen…

sex on third date

Sex On The Third Date: Yes or No?

By Dr. Diana Kirschner | February 11, 2019 |

Sex on the Third Date: Yes Or No? Do you ever wonder whether to have sex on the third date or risk losing the guy?  Maybe you’ve heard the urban legend that tells you it’s either fish or cut bait at that point. And that he will definitely walk if you don’t put out.  But…

dating tips over 45 women

Dating Tips for Over 45 Women

By Dr. Diana Kirschner | February 10, 2019 |

This blog has a special treat for you. First, I’ll share my best dating tips for over 45 women. Then at the end, you can download a free MP3 interview conducted by Anne Holmes, from the National Association of Baby Boomer Women.  I discuss exactly how over 45 women can succeed in finding the love of…

find a relationship

Why Can’t I Find A Relationship?

By Dr. Diana Kirschner | February 9, 2019 |

Why Can’t I Find A Relationship? Ask Dr. Diana Here’s another in the series of Ask Dr. Diana videos. I answer an email from a 38-year old who can’t find a relationship with a guy that leads to lasting love. She says, she’s tried everything. Well, Dr. Diana prescribes a dating intervention for this frustrated…

biological clock is ticking

How to Date When You Want Kids Now

By Dr. Diana Kirschner | February 8, 2019 |

When You Want Kids Now Do you feel your biological clock is ticking? Yet you haven’t met the right person to have kids with? You’ve always wanted children. You figured it was a given that you’d meet the right guy, get married and start a family. Every time you worried it might not happen, you…

hiring a matchmaker

Successful Women Dating: Thinking of Hiring A Matchmaker?

By Dr. Diana Kirschner | February 7, 2019 |

Thinking of Hiring a Matchmaker? Are you feeling frustrated with dating?  Many women end up hiring a matchmaker out of a feeling of stagnation, frustration and disappointment in their love lives. However, for a myriad of reasons, matchmaking may be a less-than-optimal choice. Let’s look at the pros and cons of hiring a matchmaker vs.…


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