The Fear Of Commitment

fear of commitmentAre You Struggling with a Guy Who Has a Fear of Commitment? Then this Fear of Commitment Blog is a must-read for you!

Learn how to understand men’s commitment fears, why they are emotionally unavailable and how to achieve a real commitment breakthrough in your relationship. I’ve worked for over 35 years as a psychologist, clinical supervisor and as a Love Mentor®. I’ve logged thousands of hours in the trenches listening to men, as they’ve completely opened up and explored their deepest problems, needs and fears. Those private moments have given me a unique window into understanding men’s commitment issues.  And how to help them smash right through them!

The Fear of Commitment Blog will show you exactly how we've helped thousands of women successfully deal with commitment problems that were ruining their relationships.  They were able to create the lasting deep love of their dreams. You can too.

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The Commitment Issues Test

First Date Questions: How to Tell if He’s Commitment Material

Why Men Pull Away from Some Women & Commit to Others

Five Ways to Handle A Non-Committal Guy

What to Do When He Won’t Commit

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fear of commitment in women

Fear of Commitment in Women

The fear of commitment is a common psychological issue that doesn’t discriminate by gender. The stereotype often implies men are more likely to exhibit commitment phobia; however, women can experience it equally. This fear of commitment in women, also known as “gamophobia,” can stem from numerous factors and can significantly affect a woman’s love relationships.…

fear of commitment sign

10 Fear of Commitment Signs that are Serious Red Flags

Fear of commitment is a complex issue that affects many relationships. It’s essential to recognize the signs so you can understand what’s happening with your partner or even yourself. In this post, we’ll explore the top 10 fear of commitment signs and how to identify them in your life. Being aware of these signs can…

when he won't commit

What to Do When He Won’t Commit

Here’s what to do when he won’t commit. Has your relationship been dragging along in an uncommitted state for some time now? Did he totally freak out, stonewall or run away the minute you brought up taking the relationship to the next level? Or perhaps he seemed so into you, you were both sailing into…

handle a non committal guy

Five Ways to Handle A Non Committal Guy

Is He a Non-Committal Guy? Perhaps you feel you met the One. Yet he pulls away soon after, leaving you in limbo. Has he met someone else?  Why is he running hot and cold?  Do you have a future together?  You wonder, Is it me?  Is it him? Is this a non-committal guy and if…

will he ever commit

Will He Ever Commit? 6 Questions to Ask Yourself

Will he ever commit?  This is the question so many women ask themselves over and over again. After being on the receiving end of lukewarm love from guys who skitter away when the idea of a shared future comes up, it makes sense to wonder about what is really going on.  Will he ever commit…

commitment issues test

The Commitment Issues Test

Are you dating a guy who seems to like you, who may say he loves you, but leaves you wondering “will he commit”? Have you been with someone for years, waiting for him to pop the question? Maybe you’re even engaged, but he’s not ready to set the date? To help you figure things out,…

commitment fears

Commitment Fears and What to Do About Them

Have you ever wondered about men’s commitment fears and what to do about them? How could he disappear so quickly after he came on so strong?  Why hasn’t he called?  Was he just into the sex?  How could he not see how great we are together?  Why doesn’t he make a date? Why did he…

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