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I’m Dr. Diana Kirschner. You might know me from my PBS Special, seen me on Oprah, or read one of my bestselling books. My handpicked team of talented coaches and I have helped 10s of thousands of successful conscious women, including Hoda Kotb of The Today Show and renowned physician Dr. Christiane Northrup, find their true soulmates.

You too CAN have passionate lasting soulmate love that meets the calling of your heart.

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I found true love in three months!"* I was fifty-two years old with a career that was enviably successful. But my love life was not. And I couldn't figure out why. As my love mentor, Diana helped me understand that I not only deserved to have but could have a strong, loving life partner who would always be there for me. I trusted Diana's wisdom and experience and faithfully followed her dating program with expert dating tips and relationship advice that supported my unique situation. Believe it or not, I found true love in three months!*. And after four and a half years of marriage, my husband and I still pinch ourselves every day to make sure that it's not a dream!* 

Midge Woolsey

dating & relationship advice, matchmaker, dating coach, relationship coach

I'm 43 years old and engaged to be married to the love of my life! I truly believe that my amazing life is a reality because I worked Dr. Diana's program. Dr. Diana’s Love Mentors don’t just give dating advice. They give advice for your whole self. Dr. Diana, I love you. As I got more empowered, I also grew more confident in other areas...I held out for the right job and got it in large part because of this amazing coaching!



Amelia Heape

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You can find love whether you're a size 4 or 16! I was overweight and a “yo-yo” dieter for over 30 years. I met an amazing man online and was successful in finding love. I asked Dr. Diana for an expert dating coach, followed Dr. Diana’s dating tips and relationship advice and we are now happily married after a beautiful 2–year courtship. This could happen to you.* 

Dr. Donna Goldstein

It’s never too late for love!* I’m writing this in my 60s. I’ve been independent for 12 years … sometimes, happily so and sometimes, reluctantly. I don’t think that I ever lost that joy for life….the ability to wake up happy every morning and look forward to whatever the day brings. I don’t think being single made me think my life was terribly lacking in any way. But, doesn’t a great love bring us closer to our higher selves? And, so I’ve waited and waited….12 years. Then, I met HIM. OH MY GOD!!!! MR. WONDERFUL CAME INTO MY LIFE!!! I am deeply happy at home with my new soul mate. Many many thanks to you and your amazing Love Mentor program! 

Liz in Florida


Love after divorce or loss is possible!* After my divorce I did not have a serious relationship with any man for 11 years, but last year I met someone who is a terrific prospect. I never would have met nor continued on with this man for the past 10 months without my Mentor’s dating tips, relationship advice and support. I would have followed a pattern of flight every time a hurtful issue came up or I doubted this man’s commitment to me. Regardless of where this relationship goes, I can say that in my life I have not experienced such kindness or commitment from a man. So thanks, Dr. Diana. Thanks for your fabulous books with such good relationship advice and dating tips. And thanks for your ingenious love mentoring program. I would never be able to have this kind of relationship with anyone else in my life without this gift. 

Pam in Chicago

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