Dr. Diana Kirschner


PBS Love expert and psychologist Dr. Diana Kirschner appeared on Oprah and stars in an Amazon Prime show, Love in 90 Days, based on her bestseller, Love in 90 Days. Dr. Diana’s work has been featured in The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Through her books and acclaimed coaching team, Dr. Diana uses a unique approach that has helped tens of thousands of single women all over the world to create high-value self-confidence, success, and lasting soulmate relationships. She specializes in helping accomplished women find top-tier men to date. 

Dr. Diana has also authored, the relationship advice book, Sealing the Deal: The Love Mentor’s Guide to Lasting Love, Find Your Soulmate Online, The Diamond Self Secret and 30 Days to Love: The Ultimate Relationship Turnaround Guide.

Dr. Diana Kirschner's Media Appearances

Dr. Diana successfully ran the 90 Day Love Challenge on the Fox Morning Show, with highest ratings; frequently appeared on The Today Show; and on: Oprah, Good Morning America, Nightline and Access Hollywood.  Her PBS show on finding love resulted in numerous happy marriages.  Watch some PBS tips here:

Dr. Diana’s bestselling books are available on Amazon. They include:

Love in 90 Days Book

Love in 90 Days

find your soulmate online

Find Your Soulmate Online

say hello to lasting love

The Diamond Self Secret

sealing the deal

Sealing The Deal

30 days to love

30 Days to Love

Professional Background

Dr. Diana also ran the Institute for Comprehensive Family Therapy, a nationally-recognized post-graduate training center for psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists from around the world. As part of that training she did “live” breakthrough sessions with singles, couples and families who were stuck at an impasse. In these sessions, Dr. Diana showed  large audiences of mental health professionals how to resolve the most difficult relationship, family and work issues. Her seminal contributions to the field are summarized at Wikipedia.com.