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Vision Board Examples: 5 Powerful Images for Creating Love

vision board example

Vision Board Examples for Creating Love Vision boards for love are quite powerful if you know how to create them. But, vision board examples are hard to come by when you face the daunting task of envisioning the particular love future that is just right for you. It all starts with you making a love…

How Creating A Diamond Self Identity Led to Romance

diamond self identity

How Creating a Diamond Self Identity Led to Romance I want to zero in on how one simple step, creating a diamond self identity, can change your dating and love life. You may be packing a few extra pounds or even more weight.  Or you may be feeling a bit wrinkled, worn and old.   You…

How to End Relationship Frustrations: Breakthroughs to Love

How to End Relationship Frustrations

Are you suffering with relationship frustrations? You are not alone. but in this blog you’ll meet two women who had breakthroughs to love. Jean’s Relationship Frustrations We are not married but have lived together for about 5 years. After the first year, we started having a lot of arguments mainly about clutter (I tend to…

How My Dating Life Changed Through Love Mentoring®

Here is a guest blog from the fabulous Sarah Showfety whose dating life was a wreck. Sarah’s So-Called Dating Life After several years swinging and missing on the New York singles scene, I had little to show for my efforts besides a string of two-month “almost boyfriends” and an Inbox full of men I’d never hear…

Getting Over Heartbreak: A True Love Story

getting over heartbreak

Here’s another client true love story from our Case Studies Blog. This one is about getting over heartbreak, the heartbreak of a dead relationship. But with a twist. Anissa’s Faltering Marriage Anissa, in Chicago was a nervous about losing her marriage. Every time she tried she found she could not talk to her husband Jason.…

Finding Love After Loss (Weight-Loss, That Is!)

weight loss

Here’s another remarkable true love story in our Coaching Success Series. It’s a first-person account of finding love after loss by psychologist & weight-loss guru, Dr. Donna Goldstein, who worked with one of our Love Mentors® to find and marry her awesome husband. Here’s a photo of the newlyweds on their blessed wedding day! Finding Love After…