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How Limiting Beliefs Hurt Alicia’s Dreams of Love

limiting beliefs can hurt

Here’s another true love story in the Case Studies Series For the last couple of years, I’ve been walking by a yard with a dog that was tied up to a post with a six foot chain.  The dog would run in the same circular pattern, limited by the length of his chain.  Recently, I…

The Fine Art of Seduction: Four Secrets You Must Know

fine art of seduction

The Fine Art of Seduction From what I observe in life as well as in love mentoring sessions, seduction is becoming a lost art. The art of seduction is not the same as fast and easy sex.  Seduction uses the magic of imagining and fantasizing to stir and build desire, even lust. The experience of…

Transforming Heartbreak To Happiness

Transforming Heartbreak To Happiness

Have you ever wondered about how some people manage to go from heartbreak to happiness? Well, this interview with one of our coaches, Debbie Rivera, will show you how you can transform your heartbreak to happiness and true love. How can you help someone go from a broken heart to being truly happy? When you…

How A Diamond Self Identity Led to Romance

diamond self identity

This is another post in our Case Studies Series. I want to zero in on how one simple step, creating a diamond self identity, can change your dating and love life. You may be packing a few extra pounds or even more weight.  Or you may be feeling a bit wrinkled, worn and old.   You may…

Dating Advice for Women Over 50: How To Be Irresistibly Attractive

dating advice for women over 50

This dating advice for women over 50 blog is an interview with one of our most senior Love Mentors®, Tamara Green, LCSW. Now here Tamara’s dating advice for women over 50 and how to be irresistibly attractive to guys: Can you be attractive without being a size 4 or under the age 35? Absolutely! I…

Finding Love After 50 – Dating Advice for Women Over 50

finding love after 50

This baby boomer dating blog is an interview with Love Mentor®, Karen Holland.  Karen is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist who specializes in working with couples and individuals getting in and out of relationships.  She helps women find love after 50. Finding Love After 50: Frustrations I work with lots of boomer women who…