getting over heartbreak

Here’s another client true love story from our Case Studies Blog.

This one is about getting over heartbreak, the heartbreak of a dead relationship. But with a twist.

Anissa’s Faltering Marriage

Anissa, in Chicago was a nervous about losing her marriage. Every time she tried she found she could not talk to her husband Jason. Their bitter silences led to his sleeping in another apartment that they owned.  Anissa felt alone, very alone, with an awful sense of panic. Not to mention she was grappling with getting over heartbreak. She loved Jason and wanted him back.  Anissa turned to snacks and shopping for comfort, but only found extra pounds packing on to her once-slender frame. The worst part was that everything was falling apart and yet there seemed to be absolutely nothing she could do about it. Things looked very dark.

Anissa says,
“I was always told that I had to suck it up and just live with it, whatever was happening. When I tried talking to her about Jason and losing the romance in our marriage, she said it happens and we just move on. Getting over heartbreak was what we women were supposed to do.”

Anissa Hires a Relationship Coach

Unwilling to live with a dead marriage and not wanting divorce, Anissa didn’t want to spend years getting over heartbreak. So she asked for a Dating Coach strategy session and began working with one of my Love Mentors®, Joielle Shepherd.

In her coaching sessions, Anissa worked on her Relationship Killer Beliefs. These are the automatic knee-jerk thoughts that sabotage your love future. For example, “There is nothing I can do. Love does not work for me.” Another one was, “I’ll never have love because there’s something wrong with me.” When Relationship Killer beliefs crowded her mind she became immobilized, anxious, resentful and full of self-pity. It became difficult if not IMPOSSIBLE to ask for what she needed from her partner.

So Anissa jotted down her Relationship Killer Beliefs. Just seeing them on paper freed her a bit. Then underneath those beliefs, she wrote out three things she could ask for that would comfort her. three actions that Jason could take that would tend to soothe these dark and pessimistic Relationship Killer ideas. Then Anissa took a risk. She had straight talk with Jason and began to shape their love future.

Additionally, Anissa asked for two changes in their regular routine. She asked for a regular date night. And she asked Jason to write a love letter.

Anissa Gets Over Heartbreak

Here’s what Anissa had to say a few months later:

“Joielle, I really have been learning a lot. And I’m glad I reached out for help. Surprisingly, I’ve learned more not only about Jason but about myself. I’m not afraid to ask for what I want and deserve. That’s a huge thing! And, I feel like a new person and much happier.”

Anissa and Jason became more sexual and passionate with each other. And their dead marriage came back to life.

If you find you need help in getting over heartbreak, or breathing new life into a disappointing relationship, go ahead and get yourself a free Love Mentoring® session by phone or Skype. You can even request Anissa’s coach, Joielle! Remember getting over heartbreak is something you can do. Just don’t do it alone. And please continuing reading another true and inspiring story from our case files.



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