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Vision Board Examples for Creating Love

Vision boards for love are quite powerful if you know how to create them. But, vision board examples are hard to come by when you face the daunting task of envisioning the particular love future that is just right for you. It all starts with you making a love intention or goal.  This is the first benchmark goal in the Love in 90 Days approach.  What is your intention about creating love in your life? Think about this carefully.

I don’t want you to write down what you usually spit out when friends ask you what you want in a relationship. I want you to create your real intention, as if there were no limits. State it in one sentence, in the present tense.

Vision Board Examples: Love Intentions

  • I give myself a fulfilling relationship with a loving life partner.
  • My loving partner and I share a passionate life together including art, children, and service to the world.
  • I meet and marry an awesome loving man who is just right for me in every way.

Once you have an intention that meets the calling of your heart, put it into as many modalities as possible to help it manifest even faster in your life!  For example, make music playlists that help you feel the happy, joyful, in-love feelings you want to feel. Or as another example, make videos to suggest your desired love future.  Finally, make a vision board example of your love intention in pictures that really inspire you.

Vision Board Examples: How One Woman Describes her Journey to Love

I’m excited to tell you about one of our coaching clients, the awesome, Dr. Vivian Wagner.  She is a Psychology Today  blogger who used a vision board to find her forever love.   Here’s how she describes her journey to finding the One:

“Over the course of several months, I met with my love mentor by phone, and she guided me through a variety of journaling, creativity, self-care, and imaginative exercises. One of these was to put together a vision board representing the life that I wanted to create for myself, the life that I hoped to live. 

It seemed kind of silly, like something one might do in kindergarten, but I did it—going through stacks of magazines and finding pictures that captured some element or experience that I wanted to see in my life. There were a few pictures of couples kissing or romancing, since I did want that, but there were also many others—kayaking, camping, a star chart, a Buddha, healthy food, Suze Orman, a picnic, a cabin, containers full of berries.

The vision board ideas were all things I wanted to see become a part of my life, and somehow in the process of creating the vision board I actually started to see them—literally, right there in front of me, a wild array of imaginings taped onto a poster board.

Vision board Examples: How Did it Work Out?

After a few more months, I finished up the coaching sessions, feeling alive and full of promise. I’d actually gotten off dating sites and was already starting to create the life I wanted, without worrying too much about whether someone would be there to share it with me. I folded up my vision board and put it at the back of my closet.”

And then, dear reader, it happened. Without really predicting it or planning for it, a relationship with someone I’d known in high school started to form—first through social media and then in real life. He flew down from Alaska to meet me in Oregon, and we drove my late father’s truck across the country so I could give it to my son. We’ve gone sailing and kayaking and scuba diving and flying. Hiked and camped and gazed at stars. We’ve even done a fair amount of berry-picking. We’re in love. And now, seven years later, we’re engaged to be married.”

Five Vision Board Examples: Ideas and Photos You Can Simply Copy

1. Couples kissing or being in love

2. Envisioning the moment of commitment

vision board commitment


3. Seeing the family you want to have

4. Envisioning the activities you want to share

vision board sailing

5. Creating how you want to feel

vision board happy

Vision Board Examples: How to Use Them

To start out, you can copy these vision board examples, print them out and put them in your love collage.  Or look around magazines and other online sites for more photos  or images  that you can use in each category. First, look at your vision board, imagine what it would feel like to live this reality fully. The happiness, love, joy, fulfillment, contentment—all of it!  Then, give thanks!  In fact, expressing gratitude ahead of the goal happening helps it to manifest.  Last, you can either tuck your vision board away to have the universe work its magic with it.

On the other hand, you can put your vision board examples up where you can see them every day and give thanks to the universe for bringing it to you.  In either case, the universe will deliver  and then some!

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    I always recommend to people that having a solid image of yourself is a key to having good self-esteem. This is also manifisted in the online dating world with pictures you have about yourself.

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