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do you feel fat and uncomfortable

Do You Feel Fat and Uncomfortable? Five Hacks to Change Your Mind

By Dr. Diana Kirschner | December 27, 2021 |

Do you feel fat and uncomfortable? Obsess about your weight? Do you avoid mirrors whenever possible? Well, these are all signs that you need to change your Mind. And in this post, just in time for the New Year, I’ll show you five powerful hacks that will help you overcome your stinking thinking. That’s Right.…

love coach

Need a Love Coach? Six Signs That You Do

By Dr. Diana Kirschner | December 26, 2021 |

Wondering if you need a love coach? Is your career infinitely more successful than your love life? Maybe things keep going south for you in the love department.  Somehow or other your dating life is slim to none.  Or you keep getting ghosted, cheated on or disappointment in the guys you date.  Maybe you are…

how do I get my husband interested in me sexually

How Do I Get My Husband Interested in Me Sexually?

By Dr. Diana Kirschner | December 23, 2021 |

Have you been wondering: How do I get my husband interested in me sexually? Well, you’re not alone. Most couples after a few years together find that their sex life has become less frequent and even boring. But there is hope. As our coaching clients Simone & Jordan discovered. How Do I Get My Husband…

what men really want from you

What Men Really Want From You: Five Laws of Attraction

By Dr. Diana Kirschner | December 17, 2021 |

Watch the video as I share my first-hand insights into what men really want from you. Then read on below for the five laws of attraction. So, as I said in the video, what men really want from you has little to do with your waist-hip ratio, your looks, or even what underwear you’re wearing.…

building high value self-confidence over 40

Building High Value Self-Confidence Over 40: The Most Powerful Hack I Know

By Dr. Diana Kirschner | December 16, 2021 |

In this post and video below I will show you how you can start building high value self-confidence over 40. Perhaps you’ve been through a broken marriage or two. Perhaps you’re a single mom struggling with children and career. By now, life has dealt you some blows that have hurt your self-esteem. In that case,…

habits of a high value woman

Habits of a High Value Woman

By Dr. Diana Kirschner | December 15, 2021 |

Habits of a  High Value Woman How do you become a self-confident high value woman in relationships? By cultivating the three powerful habits of a high value woman! And in this post I’ll show you how.  First, a high value woman appreciates her own abilities or qualities.  This is the kind of self-confidence that makes…

dead end dating patterns quiz

The Dead End Dating Patterns QUIZ

By Dr. Diana Kirschner | December 15, 2021 |

Do you feel like you’re on a dating or relationship treadmill where you’re attracting guys who wound you? Where you get disappointed over and over again in the same old way? Here’s my Dead End Dating Patterns Quiz to help you have a breakthrough in your love life. A dead end dating pattern will sneak…

how sex falls to bottom of to do list

How Sex Falls to the Bottom of the To Do List

By Dr. Diana Kirschner | December 13, 2021 |

How Sex Falls to the Bottom of the To Do List: Priorities Let’s first talk about priorities. Most couples let sex fall to the bottom of the bottomless To-Do list. We daydream about it, talk about it with our best friends, but the amount of time couples actually spend doing it is pathetically low. On…

how to make yourself pop online

How to Make Yourself Pop Online

By Dr. Diana Kirschner | December 12, 2021 |

How to Make Yourself Pop Online: Your Photo is Everything Men are visual creatures. When they scan women’s profiles online, they sort based on photos. So you want to learn exactly how to make yourself pop online. According to Match.com, men are fourteen times more likely to look at a profile that has a photo.…

dating hacks for shy women

Dating Hacks for Shy Women

By Dr. Diana Kirschner | December 11, 2021 |

Dating advice expert, Dr. Diana Kirschner, assisted by blogger pup, Madison, teaches you simple yet powerful dating hacks for shy women. Be sure to watch the video below. After a great app and text romance, and a few one hour soul-to-soul phone sessions, it is time to meet at the local Italian place.  When you…

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