Your Love Journey is Precious: Creating Self-Love Benefits Everyone

love journey

Your Love Journey

As you think of your love journey, it may seem confusing, unknown, hard or even impossible right now.

But it IS unfolding.  In fact, I want you to know that someday you will find the coming-home, spark-filled, true soulmate relationship you want.

How do I know this? Because I know you are a seeker on your love journey.

The fact that you are reading this blog right now tells me that you are.  That you will develop greater self-love and find that special One.  And as you do, your life will change in so many profound ways.  Your triumphant journey with all the obstacles, the heartbreak, the hardships, and other twists and turns, large and small that you overcome will become an inspirational story. Your love journey will help many others to live their dreams.

So imagine that your friends, family and coworkers see your happy face, see the love you share with your Beloved and see how your love journey has energized and reinvigorated your whole life. Wow, will they ever be inspired!

This is the future you are living into.

This is why I shared my own personal love journey in Love in 90 Days.  How I was an unwanted fifth daughter born to a family that only wanted boys.  How my alcoholic, abusive father only said “I love you” once to me—when he was drunk, so it meant nothing.  And how that led to me growing up as shy, lonely, mute and socially phobic with others.

The Miracle of My Transformation

Yet out of being a seeker like you, I studied love, how it takes root and how it lasts.  And I experienced the miracle of meeting and marrying my soulmate. Plus the miracle of doing the love coaching work that I soooo love!  And when I did my PBS Special on love, three women who were just sitting in the studio audience used my approach to meet and marry their soulmates.  Many, many people have told me that my love journey has inspired them to keep going– to NOT quit before the miracle, and to find what they truly want.

That’s why in my talks and digital trainings I like to talk about other women’s love journey success stories—how they overcame all odds, large or small stacked against them.  How they succeeded at creating the life and love that is the deepest calling of their hearts.

And you can too.

I want to hasten your journey to your heart’s calling.  To YOU being able to be that happy one who inspires and leads other women to love. Perhaps as a coach yourself, either informally or formally.

Take Step 1 to accelerate your love journey!

Envision the love and life you really want. Close your eyes and think of images of what you want in your love journey. The sky is the limit here. These events could be things that you witnessed happening to family or friends, or even celebrities.  Is there a wedding photo in a magazine that sends you?  A scene from a rom-com movie?  You sister kissing her husband at their 25th wedding anniversary?

Or use images that you can just see in your own mind. You, happily married and sitting at home, working as a dating coach on your phone—helping others to find the great love of their lives?  You having a 6-figure income from coaching others?

Then, take a journal and write down a word or two that reminds you of each love journey image.  For example, if you saw a wedding image, write “Wedding.”  If you saw yourself being a successful coach, write down “Coaching Practice”.

Write the word “My” before each goal.  This lays your claim to having the event you really want. So, for example you could write “My Wedding”

Write “TY” after each image, which stands for thanking the universe for giving it to you. This is the MOST powerful activation!

So, for example you might write “My Wedding TY.”  I call this your goal snapshot.

Step 2: Create a Love Journey Affirmation.

Write Out an affirmation for each goal snapshot and describe how you will be feeling when that affirmation comes true. Feel these feelings NOW, as if the affirmation were happening right this minute.

For example, next to “My Wedding TY” you might write, My Beloved and I have a wedding that is a feast of love, joy and happiness.  I am feeling bliss, gratitude, love.  I am feeling Blessed!

Next to “My Coaching Practice TY” you might write, I enjoy making six figures helping others find the love and life of their dreams.  I am feeling fantastic, empowered, joyful, grateful and happy!

Writing out your love journey affirmations and imagining them happening in the moment, with all your gratitude and positive emotions, moves the universe to make it all happen for you. Then, post your snapshot words, like “My Wedding TY” where you can see them just for a few seconds every day.  In fact, you will be astonished at the results!

Step 3: Use my inspirational love journey training that strengthens your self-love and deservedness.

My free digital course contains ⇒ The 3-Must Know Secrets for Getting the Love and Life You Really Want⇐  And your takeaways from the training? You will gain the confidence and practical tools you need to create the greatest love and life for yourself.

During the free course I guide you to :

  • Understand and stop the #1 mistake that’s keeping you from the love, life and career you want.
  • Master the ultimate secrets for turning setbacks and heartbreaks into triumphs.
  • Use my secret method for creating soulmate love that lasts.
  • Accept your role as an inspirational one who leads others to love (and earning abundantly as you do so)
  • And MUCH more…

So there you have it!  Indeed, I am with you on your amazing love journey.

Blessings and Love,

Dr. Diana

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