Where to Meet Men Offline

where to meet men
Are you wondering where to meet men offline?  Are you getting sick of endlessly swiping and getting nowhere?  Well here are some awesome places to meet guys—and I do mean great guys!!!  The old fashioned way: face to face.  Where you can feel whether you are sympatico and whether you actually have chemistry right from the start. So here are six powerful tips on where to meet men:

Where to Meet Men Tip #1  Sign up for  Mentastic  Activities

Mentastic activities are ongoing classes or activities that really interest you and that have lots of men in them.  This means that there is not that awful pressure you feel when you go to a singles event!  A relationship can develop naturally.  Since you are selecting activities that you  enjoy exploring, you will have a common interest right off the bat and lots to talk about. Here are some examples:

  • Finance
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Investing, business, or leadership at your local college’s school of continuing and professional studies
  • Rock climbing
  • Golfing
  • Snowboarding or skiing
  • Hiking
  • Dancing
  • Wine or cigar tasting
  • Coed city sports teams (these usually have an even mix of men and women)


Where to Meet Men Tip #2 Choose the More Advanced Mentastic  Activities

Choose classes or activities that are more advanced, if possible, as these will have greater numbers of men in them. A more specialized business course, for example, like classes in investing in hedge funds or commercial real estate.

Choose activities with intense goals, like triathlons, marathons, and other advanced running, swimming, and cycling events and training programs, as they will have more men in them. For example, advanced hikes with the Sierra Club can be great for meeting men. If need be, work your way up to these more challenging events. Check your local Learning Annex.

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Where to Meet Men Tip #3  Do Quick Research into Fun Activities

Do a bit of research online to find even more activities to meet men—there are so many out there! Google any activity, class, club, or topic plus the name of a major city near you. Check out www.meetup.com and peruse its groups. Look into volunteering for a local or national political group, Habitat for Humanity, or another non-profit that attracts men. If you like baseball, go to www.sabr.org to find a Society for American Baseball Research chapter you can join in a city near you. Just make sure that you choose activities you would enjoy!

Where to Meet Men Tip #4   Meet the Guys Around You

Next, find and say hello to three new men every day. Assuming you are in a safe or public place, make eye contact, smile, and say “Hi” or ask for some help. This is what I call the Marcia Cross Technique. Actress Marcia Cross was in her forties when she met her husband by chatting with him in a flower shop. She now is the ecstatic mother of twin girls.

What if you don’t encounter a lot of men in your daily routine? So vary it. Try a new grocery store, dry cleaner, and pharmacy, or coffee or sandwich shop at lunch. Take the train or bus to work instead of driving. Check out a new gym, bookstore or dog park. If you are shy, you can start by saying hello to women or less-threatening men and work your way up to the hotties. If someone hits on you and you are not interested, simply say, “I enjoyed chatting but I’m not available.”

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Where to Meet Men Tip #5  Find or Create a Fun Event that Enlarges Your Network

Find or create a fun event for this week that exposes you to a whole new network of people, preferably a network with a lot of men. For example, you could throw a pot luck party and invite your friends and their friends, volunteer for a pet adoption day at the park, get yourself invited to your co-worker’s party, or attend a Learning Annex class this week on how to buy foreclosed property. So remember, find and say hello to three new men at the activities.

For example, Cindy, a divorced 50-something nurse was burnt out with digital dating and decided to take a break.  She wanted to try something completely different.  So she entered coaching to focus on how to find her soulmate—a great guy who was truly like-minded.  Cindy’s coach encouraged her to find mentastic activities that she would enjoy that also had men participating in them.   Cindy was a life-long dog-lover and decided to volunteer to walk dogs at her nearest no-kill shelter. Lo and behold, she hit it off with John, a lanky redhead with a heart of gold—who was the director of the shelter.  They are now dating up a storm, having fun doing fundraising and other meaningful animal service work that they love to do together.

Where to Meet Men Tip #6 Teach a Course that Attracts Men

If you have the skills, you can also teach a course that attracts men at your local community center, Learning Annex, or school, like “The Inner Game of Baseball,” or “Asian Etiquette for Businessmen.” You will be in your element, at maximum charisma, and usually surrounded by men who look up to you.

So there you have six great tips on where to meet men.  Get out there and have fun!  You never know when you will run right into Mr. Right. But if you’re still having trouble, take advantage of our dating and relationship coaching services. Remember the first consult is still free.

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