Dating Dilemmas of Successful Women: Accessing Your Irresistible Feminine Power

feminine power

Men Love Strong Women who Exude Feminine Power

You’re one smart, radiantly beautiful go-getter. Every day you make things happen at work and in your life. You’ve become successful in your career. You work hard to be the best “you” you can be. You have goals you’re working towards, and for the most part, you’re getting back all the effort you’ve been putting into things. You go to yoga, meditate and are on a journey of personal growth and empowerment.
Then there’s dating. Much as you’re trying to make things happen in your love life, it may not be going according to plan.
Am I right?
As a smart and successful woman, you face some unique dating dilemmas. So, I wanted to start a special successful conscious women relationship blog to share secrets and insights that will help you overcome the love challenges that you struggle with most.

Getting Back into Your Feminine Power

It’s difficult to access your feminine power and stay a go-getter and high achiever when it comes to your career.

First, know this: The right man for you will truly love that you are a successful, smart woman who has it going on in her career. Never doubt this.

But, men also love a strong woman who knows when to step more into her feminine power and receiving mode. They adore a smart woman who gives him the gift of allowing him to do things for her, to give to her, to solve problems for her. Even though she is perfectly capable of doing everything herself. It’s all part of the masculine-feminine dance. When you’re in your feminine power, you’re attentive to your partner’s loving words and actions. The affection, compliments, gifts, and pampering he gives you. You lean back and enjoy what unfolds as your man is the active one who does for you.

Sure, you can be take a more active role in the relationship at times. But, it’s important to keep a balance. That’s what creates lasting romance and attraction!

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Three Key Steps to Help you Tap into Your Feminine Power

Accessing Feminine Power: Give Yourself a Feminine Diamond Self Nickname

For example, you might try Saucy Minx, Vivacious Vixen, Beloved Mighty Isis, Chosen Darling Flirt. Even if you’re not feeling it right now! Just go with the suggestion and allow yourself to have fun, to be bold, even outrageous with this! See if you can make yourself chuckle as you think of this new feminine name for yourself. Next head to a lingerie shop and buy some saucy outfits that speak to your new Diamond Self name. Do the same at your favorite clothing store. Get some jewelry that signifies your new irresistible feminine identity.

Accessing Feminine Power: Get Sensual

During private time alone, have some reveries about what it would be like to be your feminine, sensual self. Turn yourself on while thinking about this! Also get yourself some sensual gifts like special bath oils, lotions, silky sheets, and candles. And use them! No keeping them in the closet for a special occasion.

Accessing Feminine Power: Ask for Help

Practice being receptive by asking men for help throughout your day and letting them do for you. Allow him to open the door and respond with a smile and thank you. Ask for help carrying boxes. Yes, even though you can do all this yourself.

When you prepare for a date, go into this new mode. Take time after you come home from the office to tap into this more vivacious feminine part of you. Dress your new self, starting with that sexy lingerie and working up to that gorgeous knock-out dress you bought. Look in the mirror and enjoy what you see! Admiring your unique beauty and sauciness is the most important part of this! You are the most important person in the whole equation of love plus dating.

Most of all, have fun with all this! And be sure to check out all the posts for women just like you.


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