Relationship Advice for Lasting Love

how to become a happy couple

How Happy Couples Deal

Did you ever wonder how happy couples deal with resentful or anxious feelings? How happy couples deal with feelings of hopelessness or loneliness? So, are you feeling resentful, anxious, distant, or lonely in your relationship?  Whether you have been dating two months or married 10 years, things can go south all too easily in couples. …

Health in Happy Couples: the Michelangelo Effect

Health in Happy Couples: the Michelangelo Effect

The Mental Health of Happy Couples Ever wonder whether there is better overall health in happy couples? Or whether there is better psychological and physical health in happy couples compared with unhappy partners? Let’s first start with depression because it affects about 20 million adults in the U.S. alone and is therefore one of the…

communication secrets of happy couples

Happy Couples Communication Secrets

Ever wonder, what are the communication secrets of happy couples? Well there definitely are secrets that are common to a long-lasting and passionate relationship. In fact, there are eight of them. And when practiced regularly become the habits of a passionate relationship. We don’t have room here to cover them all. But let’s look at…


Appreciation in Happy Couples is the Key to Happiness

Appreciation in Happy Couples Appreciation in happy couples is a key to their happiness. In fact, partners in passionate long-term happy couples live in a state of appreciation for each other. They tend to see each other through a glass half-full perspective rather than a half-empty one. In other words, they tend to place greater…

happy couples sex secrets

Happy Couples Four Sex Secrets

Did you ever wonder what the best sex secrets of happy couples are? Most people can’t imagine how partners in long-term happy couples keep the passion and sizzle going. Well one of our Love Mentoring clients was certainly mystified.  Bridget signed up for ongoing dating coaching. And within the year found new charisma and new…

Happy couples know six secrets that others don’t

Happy Couples Six Secrets

The other day I asked Sam, my husband of more than twenty-five years, why he stays with me. He said, “Because I feel good around you.” Feeling good and at home with a woman is one of the drivers for a man to be in a long-term relationship. But is that all there is? No,…

happy couple lasting passionate love

Happy Couples Passionate Love

Lasting passionate love in happy couples is not achieved by reading love advice or self-help books or dumping the problem partner you’re with and going on to the next grass-is-greener pasture to find the One. Happy couples create lasting passionate love the hard way, through daily, weekly and monthly practice of four key strategies. How…

What Men Want in a Love Relationship

Do you ever wonder what the heck is going on with men and relationships? Tired of all their confusing signals? One minute they want you, the next they seem ambivalent and distant. What do men really want in a love relationship? Through my work as a psychologist and clinical supervisor of other individual, couple, and…

single dad

Dating a Single Dad? Nine Must-Have Tips

The Rise of Single Dad Households More and more fathers have full or joint custody of children. Chances are high that you may find yourself dating a single dad. If you don’t have kids yourself, this can be both exciting and daunting. Nine Tips To Keep in Mind When Dating a Single Dad 1. Slow…

ruin your relationship

Confession: How Not to Ruin your Relationship

Here’s one way not to ruin your relationship. This one piece of valuable advice is about how not to ruin your relationship. I have a confession to make. I almost ruined my relationship with my husband, Sam. Not because I wasn’t sure if I loved him anymore. It was because of my habit to make…


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