Relationship Prayers for Couples: The 30-Second Miracle

relationship prayers for couples

Studies show that prayer can promote healing in someone who is ill, even when the patient didn’t know that the prayer was occurring! But can prayer promote healing in a relationship or marriage?  Do relationship prayers for couples really work? In fact, the great news is YES! Research on the Power of Relationship Prayers for…

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A Simple Dating Hack to Turn Your Love Life Around

simple dating hack

Are you feeling disappointed and stuck in your dating or in your relationship?   Then, here is a simple dating hack to turn your love life around!  It is a revolutionary approach that allows you to give yourself instructions about the exact love life you want to have. In fact, research has shown that these precise…

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What if He Has Cheated?

what if he has cheated

What if you find out that he has cheated? What if you cheated? Well, before you kill off the relationship, consider that infidelity, while not the norm, is still fairly commonplace. The National Research Opinion Center at the University of Chicago showed that in 2019, that among married couples, about 22 percent of men and…

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How Do I Get My Husband Interested in Me Sexually?

how do I get my husband interested in me sexually

Have you been wondering: How do I get my husband interested in me sexually? Well, you’re not alone. Most couples after a few years together find that their sex life has become less frequent and even boring. But there is hope. As our coaching clients Simone & Jordan discovered. How Do I Get My Husband…

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How Sex Falls to the Bottom of the To Do List

how sex falls to bottom of to do list

How Sex Falls to the Bottom of the To Do List: Priorities Let’s first talk about priorities. Most couples let sex fall to the bottom of the bottomless To-Do list. We daydream about it, talk about it with our best friends, but the amount of time couples actually spend doing it is pathetically low. On…

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He Broke My Heart and Still Contacts Me

he broke my heart and still contacts me

Dr. Diana, He broke my heart and still contacts me? Why? Well, there a number of reasons but he’s not contacting you to torture you. So what gives and how can you get to the real story? He Broke My Heart and Still Contacts Me: My Client Jo My coaching client, Jo, kept getting texts…

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Do Opposites Really Attract?

do opposites really attract

Do opposites really attract? Of course they do. Ms. Proper with the bad boy. The drinker with the enabler. The sassy woman with the shy introverted guy. Often, like moths to a flame. But the real question should be: Do opposites make for long lasting love partners? In fact, well over 300 research studies say…

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How to Date a Man with Kids: Five Proven Hacks

how to date a man with kids

Chances are you may find yourself dating a single dad. If so, you’re probably wondering how to date a man with kids? Successfully. Especially, if you don’t have any yourself.  Often, a man with kids, who is looking for a long-term relationship will take things slower. Be patient. He isn’t going to introduce you from…

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