My new relationship advice book asks: What if it were possible to transform a painful relationship and the anxiety of an unknown romantic future into a committed and “forever” love? To feel chosen, secure and appreciated by The One you really want? The good news is, you can! You can deepen any relationship—even if you have been dating two months. Or on & off for 10 years. Or in any relationship where you feel uncertain, tense, or afraid that it is ending. Even if your partner has cheated.
Sealing the Deal: The Love Mentor’s Guide to Lasting Love
. It shows you exactly how to move forward. And create a loving, lasting relationship--your own happiest-ever-after.

Fourteen top self-help and relationship experts agree. In their rave reviews of this relationship advice book.

"Diana Kirschner's relationship advice book is life-changing, love-affirming, and wonderfully effective." ~Christiane Northrup, MD, international bestselling author, Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom.

"Dr. Diana understands the mysteries of committed passionate love. There’s nothing like hearing it from a pro who walks the talk and even shares her own personal journey. Follow Dr. Diana’s lasting love program and you’ll go from casual to committed and deliriously-in-love." ~John Gray, international bestselling author, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus & Venus on Fire, Mars on Ice.

"With a successful 25-year marriage and decades as a therapist to her credit, Diana Kirschner is a relationship expert worth taking seriously. Her book, SEALING THE DEAL, offers practical, empowering and solid relationship advice for those ready to find and keep the love of a lifetime." ~ Arielle Ford, bestselling author of The Soulmate Secret.

This revolutionary relationship advice book shows you how to

relationship advice book

  • Create irresistible attraction. And an atmosphere that men love to be around. (Ch 6)
  • Get a sincere commitment from the guy you want. (Ch 10)
  • Learn the relationship advice secret to instantly resolving conflict with your man. (191-193)
  • Know when to have “the talk”. Don’t think it matters how you bring it up? Think again. (Ch 9)
  • Avoid the biggest mistake women make when he’s “not ready” for a commitment. (Ch 10)
  • The single most important thing you can do to create lasting passionate love. (Ch 4)
  • Exactly how a man decides to commit. And the most effective relationship advice designed to help him do it. (Ch 5)
  • Six hidden “killer beliefs” that may be undermining your relationship. (Ch 2)
  • Find out the biggest reason men won’t commit. (page 87)
  • The very best ways to attract a man. And they don’t include looking younger or thinner. (Ch 6)
  • What it takes to get him to commit to you exclusively. Even if he’s a “commitmentphobe”. (Ch 8)

So get your copy of Sealing the Deal online or at a bookstore near you. Here are more powerful dating tips & relationship advice covered in detail in my new relationship advice book:

  • How to avoid the biggest mistakes women make in love relationships. (187 & 188)
  • How to stop the dead-end pattern where romance after romance fizzles out. And ends in disappointment and heartbreak. (Ch 3)
  • How to really tell if your man is cheating. And exactly what to do about it. (Ch 10)
  • What a “Love Mentor” can do for you. And why having one may the most important step you ever take. (Ch 4)
  • Can’t figure out why your relationships always start off like a fairy tale? Only to wind up with him pulling back and acting distracted and lukewarm? Read Ch 2 now.
  • Relationship advice on how to create an atmosphere that men love to be around. (Ch 6)
  • The most important thing you can do to get a commitment from the guy you want. (169-182)

relationship advice bookIf you have love problems, my relationship advice book has the solutions. Sealing the Deal is your key to creating your own happiest-ever-after now. So pick up my dating tips and relationship advice book today!

Here are just a few of the success stories from women who have used the Love Mentoring Program. It’s described in Chapter 4 of my relationship advice book.

"Hi Diana – I have been in the mentoring program for a month now and I am a new woman. I’m on the program of three and can’t count how many guys are interested. I’m so happy I’ve given myself this gift. Men think I am confident, beautiful, smart, etc. because of the love intention that I am projecting. The Diamond Self exercise has just brought out my charisma in social situations like you wouldn’t believe. Thank you so much for sharing your great relationship advice & knowledge with the world!!" ~ Erin, Chicago

And if your goal is a lasting love relationship here’s a letter from Robin. She used the Love Mentoring™ principles & relationship advice from Sealing the Deal to create the love she wanted.

“Having a Love Mentor was what allowed me to get married. That guidance helped me get over my tendency to blame the other person and wanting to be right. Nurturing loving guidance. Wonderful relationship advice. Combined with a firm hand in letting me know when I was being a spoiled brat. The book allowed me to look at my own patterns from a neutral perspective. I learned that I deserve to be supported on all levels, including financially. And that I could have a true reciprocal loving partnership. Our wedding was spectacular and I couldn’t be any happier!” ~Robin, Los Angeles

Sealing the Deal is your key to creating your own happiest-ever-after.