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Marrying Kind of Men: Seven Key Signs

marrying kind of men

This is another research article that answers the question of who are the marrying kind of men. It’s excerpted from my newly revised book, Love in 90 Days. Who really are the marrying kind of men? Some women think they don’t exist anymore like an extinct species of mammal. And here’s yet another email on…

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What Makes Men Fall in Love – The Most Important Factor!

Ever wonder what makes Men Fall in Love? Through my work as a therapist and clinical supervisor, I’ve spent countless hours listening to just about every issue single, married, and divorced guys have when it comes to what they really want in relationships. Those countless hours have given me a unique understanding into what men…

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What Men Really Want in a Love Relationship

Do you ever wonder what the heck is going on with men and relationships? Tired of all their confusing signals? One minute they want you, the next they seem ambivalent and distant. And, we’re supposed to be mysterious! Through my work as a psychologist and clinical supervisor of other individual, couple, and family therapists, I’ve…

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Another Chance if He Ghosted and Came Back?

Should You Give Him Another Chance if He Ghosted and Came Back

Has a guy ever ghosted you then tried to come back? If you’ve been actively dating, chances are you’ve had a man disappear and go silent like this… then pop up a few weeks or months down the line. It’s all too common! And it’s frustrating! First, remember, it isn’t about you. Whether he’s ghosted…

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How to Flirt When You’re Shy


Flirting is one of the secrets to an amazing relationship. People sometimes see flirting as “bad” or “manipulative,” but the reality is it’s just about being playful, complimentary and fun in the company of someone else. Flirting can be a complete encounter in and of itself; it doesn’t mean you have to go any farther.…

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Dating a Single Dad? Nine Must-Have Tips

single dad

The Rise of Single Dad Households More and more fathers have full or joint custody of children. Chances are high that you may find yourself dating a single dad. If you don’t have kids yourself, this can be both exciting and daunting. Nine Tips To Keep in Mind When Dating a Single Dad 1. Slow…

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Is He Into You? The Key Signs to Look for!

Dating Tips for Smart Successful Women: Key Relationship Secrets that Create Love that is Just Right for You!

Is He Into You? Are you wondering “is he into you?” Sometimes it seems like he is. Other times you just don’t know. You keeping looking for signs and analyze what he does and says. You try to get him to call. Here’s the thing: When a guy is into you… it’s obvious. This is…

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What to Do When He Won’t Commit

when he won't commit

Here’s what to do when he won’t commit. Has your relationship been dragging along in an uncommitted state for some time now? Did he totally freak out, stonewall or run away the minute you brought up taking the relationship to the next level? Or perhaps he seemed so into you, you were both sailing into…

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