7 Fun Ways To Makeover Valentine’s Day

valentines day makeover

Seven Tips to Makeover Valentine’s Day

Are you sick of yet another Hallmark holiday? Tired of the same-o same-o? Let’s try to have fun this year by sharing in a makeover valentine’s day project with friends.

“Don’t be a shnook. It’s not how you feel—it’s how you look.”

~Fernando, aka Billy Crystal on SNL

Fernando had a point. Research shows that if you feel you look good, you will feel good!  Or at least much better.  You get the idea!  Anyway, Valentine’s Day is a great time to take a long look in the mirror, shoot yourself some love and think about how to give yourself a slight-to-majorly fabulous makeover. And oh, what dating and love adventures can open up from all that!

Go ahead, go shopping with your friends and make sure you give yourself permission to experiment with your makeover valentine’s day project! A new fiercely-wonderful look can emerge, that will open up a whole new side of you—which will emanate coolness, confidence, charisma, machismo and machisma. And most likely lead to some serious canoodling with the right partner.

Seven Makeover Valentine’s Day ideas for women and men to consider

  1. Go Lady Gaga with a hat complete with face veil. Guys, skip the veil.
  2. Don’t kid yourself: that jacket you’ve had since college is not vintage! Splurge on one that has coolness factor.
  3. Get seriously tight high-end jeans that show off your ass-ets.
  4. For women get & wear bright red lipstick. Research shows men are gaga for red on a woman.
  5. Get a pair of the sexiest shoes or boots you see.
  6. Try waxing areas of the body that would give you even more of the silky smooth feeling. If you are a guy, try waxing your chest. (At the very least, this act atones for all “sins” of the past.)
  7. Make eye contact with people and put a smile on your face. The cheapest and best accessory you will ever find, period.

Bottom line

Play around and have fun with recreating yourself. If you experiment, you will be amazed at how different makeover valentine day’s moves can uncover here-to-for hidden, cool and empowering aspects of your personality. If you find a look that is quintessentially you, the real deal, chances are, you will find a whole new level confidence and much greater success in dating and love.

Do your Valentine’s Day makeover, gaze in the mirror and say, “You look maahvelous!”



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