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Here’s another love mentoring client true love story from the Case Studies Blog Series that was written up in The New York Times.

I am so happy for my Love Mentoring client, Midge Woolsey, who was the host of my on-air PBS Pledge Show “Finding Your Own True Love”!

Midge was in her 50s and had never been married. To say the least, she was a skeptic of the Love in 90 Days Program. So she asked me if I would be her Love Mentor and I agreed. And the rest is history. She just married an awesome guy!  Our love mentoring journey together is beautifully described in the August 8th, 2010 edition of the New York Times Sunday Style section!

I teared up when I read the story because love mentoring led to Midge finding true love.

Research on Healthy Couples

And why do I care so much? Because the research on good marriages show that women in good relationships do better emotionally, physically and spiritually in comparison with singles, divorced or widowed gals. Results of over 70 studies showed that they had:

  • the least amount of atherosclerosis in their arteries and lived much longer if they did have heart disease.
  • fewer doctor visits.
  • lower blood pressure than singles or women in unhappy marriages.
  • fewer headaches and back pain.
  • Better immune systems and healed twice as fast from flesh wounds compared to marrieds who demonstrated hostility toward each other.

So if you can meet your special someone and get into a committed love relationship, there is little doubt that you will feel better emotionally, physically and spiritually. Go here for more love mentoring client stories.

To help you do just what Midge did, you too can have love mentoring from a trained relationship expert who is in a committed love relationship (so they walk the talk). Each one has a long background in transformational work and is closely supervised by me. And we can give you a free 40 minute one-on-one love mentoring session with an expert dating coach by phone or Skype .

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