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  • "I do everything I need to do today easily and effortlessly." ~TGIF

  • "I joyfully give myself beautiful makeup and clothing." ~Valentine's Day

  • "Other people find me charming, fun and easy to relate to." ~New Years Eve

  • "At least three men are crazy about me, and rightly so." ~Intl Womens Day

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Research has repeatedly shown the power of positive self-talk, which is what most of us call affirmations. The process of attention to and repetition of new material (affirmations) can retrain and rewire your brain. As you practice love affirmations over time, your brain will create more and more connections that help reinforce your new beliefs and intentions. The net result is a fiercely powerful "muscle" around creating what you truly desire.

Love affirmations change the energy you project about yourself and your expectations. In time, they help you manifest your most sacred desires. Whether you want to exude more confidence, attract the right man, or get the commitment you desire, positive self-talk is a necessary step. I've seen love affirmations completely transform the love lives of thousands of women. Check out some of examples on the left.

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