Is He Interested? New Study Tells You

is he interested

He is Just Not That Into You

One of the great questions that women ask about a guy they like is: “is he interested in me?”
Well, a recent study done at Indiana University looked at speed dating and if it could answer the question is he interested. The researchers looked at the ability of men and women observers to predict dating outcomes within the first 10 seconds of watching video footage. Ten seconds; that’s all it took.

Is He Interested Study Results

The study included 28 women and 26 men of college age. The subjects watched video clips of couples having brief one-on-one conversations during speed dates. These were the findings.

The college observers were able to judge the guy’s romantic interest accurately using body language, tone of voice, eye contact, how often each dater spoke and other non-verbal cues. Meanwhile 80 percent of the observers thought the women shown were interested when in fact they were not. They were just flirting! The researcher thought that when choosing a mate, it is in a woman’s best interest to get men to open up and talk honestly.  Especially on first dates. Women would then have a better idea of whether the men would be good long-term partners.

So now you’ve got a good shot of answering the question, “is he interested?” Just check out how your date is acting with you and ask yourself: Is he making eye contact?  Or leaning in and mirroring your body? These are all indicators that he is into you.

You can also learn all the clues to determine the answer to “is he interested” by taking this quiz. But remember to answer honestly.

Bottom Line:

You can determine whether a guy is a pretender or a contender early on in the dating process. Ask questions and observe how he acts verbally and non-verbally. Read the many articles on this topic here in the Dating Advice for Women Blog and you will quickly know “is he interested in me.”


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