Inside Men’s Minds: “I Have A Lot Going On.”

i have a lot going on

This video is part of the Understanding Men Series.

What do men mean when they say, “I have a lot going on.”

How could he disappear after he was so totally into me? Why hasn’t he texted? Why does he pull away every time we get close? Was it just about the sex? How could he not be interested in me? Why doesn’t he make a move? Will he ever commit? What the bleep is going on in this relationship? Is it him or is it me?

That’s why I devote a lot of time to the minds of men in my relationship advice book, Love in 90 Days, and to their most common Commitment Issues. Some of them are much more ingrained and difficult for the guy to overcome than others. I rate the degree of difficulty of each pattern, based on my clinical experience, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most challenging. I have also divided the patterns into three groups: easier to overcome; moderately difficult; and most challenging (those I advise you to stay away from).

You can also take a short quiz to find out if the guy has commitment issues.

Well ladies, here’s a reader who asked: “My boyfriend always pushes me off by saying: ‘I have a lot going on’. What’s he really mean?” Well, this question is pretty easy to answer compared with some of your other questions about men. And watch for the next in the series on Ask Dr. Diana.


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Dr. Diana Kirschner

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