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flirting tips video

Here is a fun flirting tips video that features my assistant blogger pup, Madison.

Following the suggestions in this flirting tips video will make you simply irresistible. It has about 300,000 views on my you tube channel. The flirting tips video will show you how to develop a teasing quality, where one offers, then takes the offer off the table, and then offers again. This flirting tips video will put you in the great feminine/masculine dance.  To amp up your flirting, I want you to follow the suggestions in the flirting tips video and dress yourself in line with an identity you create using an affirmation like I am sexy, beautiful and irresistibly attractive.

I know that it’s so easy to let yourself be quiet, shy or invisible with the ones you are really interested in.  It is easy to be in a rut, alone and LONELY, and yet not doing anything about it!!! Get yourself into action.  You do not want to be stuck in a web of inaction. A web that stops you from finding that COMPANIONSHIP, CARE, ROMANCE and SOULMATE LOVE that you really want.

Ask for Help

If you find that you’re stuck and not able to bust through shyness with the guys you’re attracted to, ask for help.  There’s no shame in getting help in one of the most important areas of life. If you broke your arm you’d get help right? Well, if you’re tired of being alone or in disappointing relationships, be good to yourself and ask for help. The best type of help is a Love Mentor, a person who you look up to, who is like a loving benefactor to you.
Studies show that a mentor can give you courage to go beyond your fears.  A person who will help you figure out what to do and where to go. Most important, he/she will get you to TAKE ACTION, to get out there and meet and attract the great guys.  This mentor might be an older family member, a twelve-step sponsor, a therapist or minister. Please make sure, however, that he or she has been successful in love.

Your mentor can give you constructive advice and real input about your dead-end dating patterns, your appearance and the people you date.  With that guidance, you will become very successful in dating and relationships.

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