First Date Ideas That Will Have Him Wanting More & Texting Right Away

first date ideas
Great first date ideas can be hard to come by.  Especially ones that will have him wanting more!  So what is a first date? It’s not a meet for coffee. That’s essentially a screening session. Because dating is a numbers game. Essentially then, you want to put yourself out there with lots of matches (from your apps or online) in order to quickly sort through and rule people out, ‘til you get to the good ones.  So when you meet someone on a dating site or app I advise meeting briefly for coffee in a public place.  Don’t waste your precious time on long, drawn-out dates that go nowhere.

If you are interested in the guy, do some research to make sure he is who he says he is, either through Google, LinkedIn or other site. If he passes muster, it’s time to think about awesome first date ideas.  There are four kinds of first date ideas that are super special and set the stage for getting to know each other, bonding, having fun and beginning to fall in love!

First Date Ideas -Category #1 Meet in a romantic setting.

It sets the stage for chemistry and a great sweet connection!

For example:

  • Take a moonlight stroll, especially at the beach
  • Have dinner in a cozy little Italian restaurant with opera or love songs
  • See the city lights from the top of a tall building
  • Walk in a beautiful botanical garden or park

First Date Ideas -Category #2 Do something exciting that gets the adrenaline pumping!

As love researchers say, adrenaline makes the heart grow fonder!  It simulates the speedy chemistry of being in love!

For example:

  • Go to a sporting event
  • Participate in an escape room
  • Watch an exciting race
  • Go to an amusement park with scary rides

First Date Ideas -Category #3 Do something that cracks you us.

Shared humor leads to a strong connection and bond!

For example:

  • Share laughs at a comedy club
  • Share the giggles at Karaoke
  • Take in some Improv
  • Grab dinner & see a funny movie

First Date Ideas -Category #4 Choose  a new activity that interests both of you– but neither of you have done before.

Novelty creates aliveness, fun and being present in the moment.

For example:

  • Take in a new Picasso exhibit at the museum
  • Hit a flea market or go Antiquing
  • Go to Little Italy or a new part of town
  • Attend a book reading by an author you both love
  • Go hiking, swimming or kayaking in a new place

All four types of first date ideas: going to a romantic setting, doing something exciting,  funny, or new, help to open new connections, discussion, closeness and bonding! Your new guy will associate you with great fun, which will set the stage for him wanting more and texting you right away!

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