Ending Loneliness

ending loneliness

Have you ever dreamed of escaping from loneliness?

Have you ever dreamed of ending loneliness? Of not doing it all by yourself? Or do you want to feel secure and nourished by a real partner who Appreciates You for Who You Really Are?

What if I told you that total self-reliance is a prescription for failure in love relationships, career and in your spiritual development? Despite what our culture tells us, flying solo without others to help and guide us is a sure prescription for misery. And it’s not a method for ending loneliness. How can I be so sure? Because study after research study has shown that adults who ask for help from mentors are more successful in their careers and in life than those who don’t. Women, in particular, have greatly benefited from mentoring with reports of greater self-esteem and a heightened ability to break through the “glass ceiling.”

And love is no different.

Even Cinderella had her fairy godmother

Suddenly the fairy godmother appeared and waved her magic wand. In a flash, Cinderella appeared in a splendid dress, shining with youth and beauty. Her stepmother and stepsisters gaped at her in amazement, and the ministers said, “Come with us Cinderella! The Prince is waiting for you.

“So Cinderella married the Prince and lived happily ever after.”

The fairy godmother and her magical wand.  Nothing like that really exists, right?  Only in children’s books and movies that are designed for flights of fancy and moments of escape from the harsh day-to-day grind of relationship challenges and disappointments.  Or do they occur in real life?

My Own Fairy Godmother

I never believed in fairy godmothers until something happened to me many years ago.   But before I tell you the story, I want to reintroduce myself!  I’m Dr. Diana Kirschner and you may have seen the newly released Amazon Streaming Movie of the PBS Special, Love in 90 Days: Finding Your Own True Love, based on my bestselling dating advice book, Love in 90 Days.
I also ran a post-graduate and accredited training center in marriage and family therapy and have published seven books and numerous papers in the field of psychology and psychotherapy.  For over 35 years my team and I have helped tens of thousands of single women find love.

Now back to my story:  What happened is that years ago my very own fairy godmother began to oversee and open up my dating and love life. Only it was in the form of a “he.”  A fairy godfather who got me out of settling for crumbs, out of loneliness and into the ball–and deep into my forever love story with my amazing husband.  (with many bumps, because it is a real life happily ever after!)

My Love Mentor was Dr. Arthur Stein and he was the psychologist who originated many of the principles I have written about in my bestselling dating advice book,  Love in 90 Days. He was the original Love Mentor who saw my Diamond Self, saw past my warts and pimples to the perfect soul in me. Your Diamond Self is your most lovable, empowered, best-self identity.  It is this identity that a great Love Mentor helps to bring out.  And yes, you have a great Diamond Self!

The most important thing to ending loneliness was to get Coaching from Love Mentors

These are people who are crazy about you, cheer you on, confront you as needed. Mentors boost your self esteem and assist you in bringing out your most beautiful self.  Love mentors to help you with your Inner Work, that is, in helping build self-esteem and positive self-talk. And they do the Outer Work, busting through shyness so that you find and date terrific partners.  Lots of them!  So ultimately you end up finding true love and creating a real love relationship.

Tyra Banks did a little ‘experiment’ on her talk show which was a good illustration of the power of coaching when it comes to dating.  She gave a few gorgeous girls ‘make-unders’ while she glammed up some plain ones.  Then they all went out in public.  The former ‘plain girls’ stood up straighter and showed more confidence and charisma while the other girls did just the reverse.  This was a good illustration of mentoring in action–going in both positive and negative directions

I got to thinking, why is there no Love mentor service for dating and love relationships?

Well now there is!!  Now you can have one-on-one coaching from a trained Love Mentor who has a long background in transformational work and is closely supervised by me.  Most importantly, each Mentor is gifted and can help you move forward to the love relationship you really want! The Love Mentoring program can help you do a 180 in your love life!  It can help you go from the loneliness of wondering when or if you will ever meet Mr. or Ms. Right to the security of a fulfilling relationship.

Here are a few questions you could ask in your free relationship coaching session.

  • My Role as a Love Mentor and Business Mentor

    Besides being a love mentor to many women I’ve also played the role of business mentor to women in large companies here and in Europe.  I can tell you that in my experience, having a Love Mentor leads to greater success with men in much the same way as having work mentors helps career advancement.  Remember, Cinderella had her Fairy Godmother.

    Many singles asked me to be their personal Love Mentor and I have simply not had the time to do it because of my writing and TV schedule.  But now I have hand-selected women who are seasoned transformational coaches.  They have successfully used my program to overcome their dead-end dating patterns and become happily married.  And I am personally supervising them to give you highly specialized one-on-one dating coaching and love mentoring.

    Here’s a letter from Robin who used Love Mentoring to create the relationship she really wanted:

    “Having a Love Mentor was what allowed me to get married.  That guidance helped me get over my tendency to blame the other person and wanting to be right. My mentor combined nurturing loving guidance with a firm hand in letting me know when I was being a spoiled brat. She showed me how to look at my own patterns from a neutral perspective.  I learned that I deserve to be supported on all levels, including financially. That I could have a true reciprocal loving partnership. Our wedding was spectacular and I couldn’t be any happier!”

    ***If Robin can do it, so can you.

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I'm a PBS Love expert and psychologist who has appeared on Oprah, the Today Show and in an Amazon Prime show, Love in 90 Days based on my bestseller Love in 90 Days.  My work has been featured in The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, ABC, People, and NPR.

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-Hoda Kotb, The Today Show

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"My love strategy session helped me to meet a really high-caliber guy!  In it I learned how to tweak my profile to attract great matches.  And my boyfriend is the best!  We are having a blast building our dream house and planning for a cruise to Tahiti ! -Darla, Psychologist & Author

matchmaker, dating coach, dating tips, dating & relationship advice"I was fifty-two years old with a career that was enviably successful. But my love life was not. And I couldn't figure out why. As my love mentor, Diana helped me understand that I not only deserved to have but could have a strong, loving life partner who would always be there for me.  I found true love in three months! And after 4 plus years of marriage, my husband and I still pinch ourselves every day to make sure that it's not a dream!" - Midge Woolsey, PBS Pledge Host


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