Dr. Diana Kirschner Helps Single Women Find Love in 90 Days

dr. diana kirschner helps single women find love

The Scoop on a 5 STAR review of our work from DatingNews.com!    Finding love in the next three months would be a dream come true for many single women who have been endlessly swiping. So when Dr. Diana Kirschner says she can help single women find Love in 90 Days, it can seem too good to be true. But her promises have come true time and again.

Dr. Diana, the Author of “Love in 90 Days” and a Psychologist and Dating Coach, can help single women find love. She teaches women how to find quality men, stop self-sabotage, and get them to commit faster than they thought possible through her books, blogs, and coaching resources. She bases her work on integrative therapy, and she has plenty of wedding and baby photos to prove it works.

Dr. Diana Kirschner Helps Single Women Find Love

Dr. Diana calls her team of dating and relationship coaches fairy godmothers, but, in reality, their work isn’t magic. She bases the process on the tens of thousands of hours of clinical experience she’s gained from her work in specialized integrative therapy. She created the process along with her husband, who is also a psychologist.

Dr. Kirschner ran a post-graduate training center and psychotherapy clinic called the Institute of Comprehensive Family Therapy, and the work inspired her.

Dr. Diana Kirschner spoke with us about her Love in 90 Days book and coaching system.

“I discovered that 77% of the single women in treatment who wanted marriage as a goal achieved it,” Dr. Kirschner said. “This high success rate intrigued me.”

As she dove into the tools that help women find love, she collected the research and began to share her findings. She went on “Good Morning America,” “The Today Show,” and other media outlets to discuss her work. She published her popular book, “Love in 90 Days,” 10 years ago, and she recently updated it in an anniversary edition.

“I think it resonates because it is a step-by-step approach to finding lasting, passionate love that really works,” Dr. Kirschner said.

The process combines inner and outer work to help women gain self-confidence and recognize their value. It also teaches skills that serve as a foundation for cultivating a lasting relationship.

Dr. Diana Kirschner Helps Single Women Find Love: Needs-Based Coaching Tailored To Each Client

Dr. Kirschner’s coaching style is different from the approaches others take, and singles can see it on her Amazon Prime special, also entitled “Love in 90 Days.”

“Many coaches simply get themselves married and create a website,” she said. “This is their main credential. They have little to no training and only know what works for them, which often does not work for others.”

Dr. Kirschner’s breakthrough book, “Love in 90 Days” has helped countless women find lasting partnerships.

Dr. Kirschner handpicks her team members, and each has years of coaching experience. They work closely to ensure every personalized client session feels positive, uplifting, and life-changing.

The process is known as Needs-Based Coaching, and the coaches work directly with clients. They teach single women how and where to find successful, loving men, form long-lasting relationships, and understand the psychology of love and passion.

The ultimate goal is to help women experience their loving and loveable selves through what Dr. Kirschner refers to as inner work.

“We call this the Diamond Self Work,” she told us. “The clients even get to give themselves a Diamond Self nickname, like Beloved Mighty Isis, Vivacious Vixen, or the Irresistible Chosen Goddess of Love.”

Inner work also includes teaching women how to end behaviors that self-sabotage otherwise fulfilling romantic relationships. They learn how to replace any feelings of self-hatred or low confidence with what Dr. Kirschner terms “high-value deservedness.”

Dr. Kirschner works with 10 coaches, and each has a specialty. Some work with highly successful women, while others have extensive experience with dating after divorce, widows, or working with women over 60.

Dr. Diana Kirschner Helps Single Women Find Love: Teaching Tools That Help Women Find Loving Men

The inner work is just the beginning. Dr. Kirschner’s talented team of coaches also teaches techniques to help with dating — both online and offline. Dr. Kirschner said coaches know how to make a woman’s profile more desirable to men. They also understand which dating platforms are most effective based on the client’s location, goals, and obstacles.

“That leads to finding wonderful matches,” she said. “Then we teach each client how to successfully date several men and engage them, so they are responsive and interested.”


The Coaching Package

Clients often purchase the discount package in which they select one of the coaches for 12 Zoom sessions followed by an email Q&A backup. And they also benefit from Dr. Kirschner’s expertise. The coaching team meets each week to discuss any issues the women they’re helping might be facing. It’s an opportunity for the coaches and Dr. Kirschner to brainstorm to help women overcome obstacles to love.

The discount package also includes reworking the online profile and photo selection, which is something Dr. Kirschner does personally.

Those who want to see whether Dr. Kirschner’s coaching style is right for them can receive a free Breakthrough-to-Love coaching session with one of her team coaches. DatingNews readers can access the free session by typing “DatingNews sent me” in the online form.

“This single session has helped many singles jump-start their dating life to a whole new level,” Dr. Kirschner said. “For example, one woman was able to use her session to understand how to help her commitment-phobic boyfriend step up to the plate. And they are now engaged!”

Dr. Diana Kirschner Helps Single Women Find Love: Marriage and Baby Photos Prove Her Methods Work

Dr. Kirschner said she knows her process is successful because clients frequently send her pictures of their weddings or new babies. Each time she receives those photos, she gets “weepy with happiness,” she said.

She helped Midge Woolsey, who was the pledge spokeswoman for Dr. Kirschner’s PBS Special on finding love. Midge was in her 50s and had never married, but she was ready to try something new. Within 60 days, Dr. Kirschner helped Midge find her soul mate. Dr. Kirschner even attended the wedding, which was featured in The New York Times.

“It was truly like a fairy tale,” Dr. Kirschner said. “Everyone was singing show tunes about love. We had the best time.”

Dr. Diana Kirschner Helps Single Women Find Love: Website and Other Publications

Each day, 16,000 people visit Dr. Kirschner’s website to read the popular blog posts and gain wisdom about the best ways to find and keep love. She also has a Facebook page with 142,000 followers called Dating to True Love Mentor.

Dr. Kirschner has published three eBooks available for free on her website. They focus on finding love without experiencing dating burnout, powerful love affirmations, and ways to end dating self-sabotage — all topics requested by clients.

She also continues to publish blogs, with recent articles focused on what to do about partners with commitment issues and ways to develop inner peace. Another blog focuses on the dilemmas of successful and conscious single women.

Dr. Kirschner said all of her work is nothing short of thrilling. “We’ve helped tens of thousands of people worldwide to create greater self-love and lasting passionate relationships with a soul mate partner,” Dr. Kirschner told us. “It is beyond any dream I ever had of spreading love.”

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I'm a PBS Love expert and psychologist who has appeared on Oprah, the Today Show and in an Amazon Prime show, Love in 90 Days based on my bestseller Love in 90 Days.  My work has been featured in The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, ABC, People, and NPR.

I specialize in helping high-caliber women create feminine self-confidence, dating success, and passionate love matches.

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"I followed the program and enjoyed the process. I appreciate Dr. Diana planting very helpful seeds!"
-Hoda Kotb, The Today Show

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matchmaker, dating coach, dating tips, dating & relationship advice"I was fifty-two years old with a career that was enviably successful. But my love life was not. And I couldn't figure out why. As my love mentor, Diana helped me understand that I not only deserved to have but could have a strong, loving life partner who would always be there for me.  I found true love in three months! And after 4 plus years of marriage, my husband and I still pinch ourselves every day to make sure that it's not a dream!" - Midge Woolsey, PBS Pledge Host

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