Does He Have Soulmate Potential?

does he have soulmate potential

Does he have soulmate potential?

There are some very important and surprising questions to ask yourself to find out, does he have soulmate potential?

As I covered in our last blog, the first question to ask yourself is: Is he crazy about me? Read the blog and take the quiz to find out how your guy rates in terms of soulmate potential.

The second key question you must ask yourself is:

Is he willing to grow?

Why does this question matter so much? Well, there are no perfect guys! You want to make sure you’re with someone who is open to self-improvement and working on himself as a person. Single dads often fit the bill here. If he is crazy about you and if he respects you and your own growth process, he will want to evolve along a similar path as yours.

I’ve designed this particular quiz to help you assess the very important question: Is he willing to grow? Give your partner 1 point for each of these eleven characteristics.

  • Takes suggestions/advice.
  • Is self-reflective.
  • Can tell you what he (not his partner) did wrong in his last relationship.
  • Is willing to go to therapy or life coaching.
  • Has a mentor at work.
  • Takes growth courses.
  • Meditates/prays.
  • Was or is in a 12-step program or men’s group.
  • Has made positive changes in his behavior or his ability to speak his truth.
  • Is growing in self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Has grown or reinvented himself in his career.

Does he have soulmate potential? Is he willing to grow?

A score of 6 or more indicates that your guy is an open and evolving person. He has the potential to become a wonderful life partner who continuously reinvents himself. A man who reinvents himself is a guy who understands that new vistas in work, career, or helping others will also fill your lives with passion.

On a personal note, this growth quality in my husband, Sam, is what keeps me crazy about him after decades of marriage! He has reinvented himself several times over, and I never know quite what to expect. He has worked as a clinical psychologist, run a postgraduate training institute for marriage and family therapists, served as a management consultant to large family-owned businesses, co-authored books for therapists and investors, and in his spare time acted as my business manager. Actually I feel like I am having an affair with an old and new lover a lot of the time!

Bottom line: There are no perfect princes. But a frog-prince who is evolving could make a great and wonderful partner. Make sure to read the final installment in this soulmate series. It asks you to rate your partner’s soulmate potential on the third dimension: Does He Meet the Basics?

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    Great advice! I can see how this can help a lot of people.

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