Dating Profile Pictures: 5 Simple Hacks to Taking an Irresistible Photo

dating profile picture
Ok, I know, some of you feel that you look terrible in those dating profile pictures. Most of us feel that way. But you can get an awesome shot using these five hacks to an irresistible dating profile picture.

Dating Profile Pictures: Hack #1 Take a Professional Photo

Have a friend who is a fabulous photographer take 100+ headshots of you to find one that is so good it surprises you.  Make sure you take at least 100; although it sounds like a lot, the whole process will get you over the hump of holding back or being shy on camera.  You can also have your photo done by a professional photographer who knows how to interact playfully and help his/her subject become real. If you take this route, make sure your dating profile picture looks casual.

Dating Profile Pictures: Hack#2 Take Bad or Goofy Shots to Loosen Up

If you are having trouble loosening up, deliberately take some ‘bad’ photos where you are overly serious or silly.  This technique, used by professional models to warm up for a shoot, will get you into play mode and guarantee good dating profile pictures.

Dating Profile Pictures: Hack#3 Make your Photo Warm and Inviting.

As you look at the camera think about your Soulmate Intention, i.e., something like, I give myself a warm, loving life partner. Or imagine that a man you really love is giving you the biggest compliment!  Think about whatever brings a twinkle to your eyes and makes you happy.  Be sure to make eye contact with the camera and smile warmly.  Research shows that women who do are rated as more beautiful than women who don’t! Try heightening the contrast to make your dating profile picture pop.

Dating Profile Pictures: Hack #4 Take a few Flattering Full-Body Shots

In particular, take shots that show off your hourglass figure.

Experimentally, add the best one to your profile to see how that affects your responses. Also, take a second or third picture that shows you in your element–whether that is at the top of a mountain or with your beloved pooches.


Dating Profile Pictures: Hack #5 Do not Include Photos with Others.

Men do not want to see a photo where a male companion was obviously cropped out. Think about the unconscious message that sends! Photos with your kids may send the wrong message at this delicate point of first discovering you.  So do not present any right now.

There you have it—the five hacks to irresistible dating profile pictures.

Dating Profile Pictures: The Case of Joanne

Joanne, a shy plain Hermit who was in our Love Mentoring® program, followed these five simple hacks and found a great lasting love.  Here’s what she wrote to her coach:

“I’m writing to share my GREAT news with you! Mike and I GOT ENGAGED last Tuesday night in Walt Disney World (my happiest place on Earth, next to wherever I am with him!). He chartered a private yacht and while the Wishes fireworks were going over Cinderella’s castle, he proposed to me. It was everything I could have ever dreamed! We are planning a June wedding.

This past Thursday was one year since we met for coffee after chatting online. Mike wanted me to make sure I told you that it was one of the photos where I wore red (Remember you told me this was a good color to wear?) and it had been professionally done, that made him contact me! I had told him about Love Mentoring® and remember well our great phone sessions. I wanted to make sure I told you and to of course, thank you so much!”

Dating Profile Pictures: A Couple More Hacks to Market Yourself

  • Wear a red scoop top with a push-up bra and a belt so your lovely décolletage shows
  • Wear moderate amounts of make up

I know putting all this time and energy into a new look or photos may make you annoyed or squeamish about having to market yourself.  But you DO need to shine and distinguish yourself from others.  You did it for the job you wanted.  Now do it to get the Soulmate love that will enrich every part of your life.

And, when our clients do this process, they can become quite smitten–with themselves!  It becomes great fun.  Here’s how Diana, aka ‘Queen Rose’ put it:

After I banished the gray and had my hair straightened I would walk past a store mirror and do double takes.  Who was that saucy young thing with the bouncing hair? I decided to plunk down the dough for a professional photographer.  I looked at those photos and for the first time in my life, felt BEAUTIFULLY HOT.  Now I love throwing on my trusty push-up bra and a sexy red top to meet the new guys for a first coffee date.  Queen Rose reigns!


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