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How Bad Communication is Like Bad Plumbing

bad communication

Today’s relationship advice blog was written by one of our expert love mentors, Karen Holland. Karen is also a licensed marriage and family therapist. In this essay she shows how bad communication is like poor plumbing and wiring in our homes. We take it for granted until it goes bad. How Bad Communication is Like…

Journaling Your Way to Love: Dating Advice For Women

journaling to great love

The power of journaling to great love Journaling to great love is one of the ways our coaching clients use to break out of their dating patterns. For example, Rachel, used journaling on her journey to creating an extraordinary love relationship.  How?  She took on two specifics type of journaling to great love exercises. The…

Love Mentoring Leads to Marriage in The NY Times

love mentoring client

Here’s another love mentoring client true love story from the Case Studies Blog Series that was written up in The New York Times. I am so happy for my Love Mentoring client, Midge Woolsey, who was the host of my on-air PBS Pledge Show “Finding Your Own True Love”! Midge was in her 50s and…

True Love Story in Woman’s World


This true love story from my Case Studies Series is the first installment in what I hope will be a collection of true stories supplied by my readers and clients. I hope you are inspired by the courage of these women who have followed the Love in 90 Days Program. They have faced their fears,…