Benefits of Spiritual Practice in Healing Relationships: Part 2

benefits of spiritual practice

Benefits of Spiritual Practice in Relationships

In Part I we talked about the power of spiritual practice in healing relationships. Here In Part II we look at the benefits of spiritual practice. Solid research shows tons of benefits from spiritual practice. First of all, studies clearly show that prayer and meditation can and do heal. For example, even when prayer takes place at a distance from a sick person, and those who are praying do not know those they are helping, there can be a positive and healing physical effect. Literally, thousands of studies show that meditative practices of all kinds lower stress, anxiety, fear, and even blood pressure. At the same time, other studies show that benefits of spiritual practice include increasing feelings of being in the present and in a state of connection and serenity.

Even if you consider yourself an agnostic, atheist, or a rationalist, please be willing to open yourself and your love relationship to a Higher Power (HP) or Something Greater than yourself. At least for this one week consider adding a spiritual practice to your routine. If you want to follow a guided meditation go to The Loving Mother Meditation.

Benefits of Spiritual Practice: How to Practice

A spiritual practice usually involves communing with or contacting an HP. What do I mean by an HP? It could be nature, life, the universe, of which we are but a speck, or the forces of physics that govern everything. You can choose your HP. It could be spirit, light, angels, power animals, or love itself. When you connect to an HP, no matter how you understand it, you don’t have to go the distance alone. Most important, where you try to make it all happen in your couple by sheer will. Over time you develop a sense that the universe is benevolent and will provide support for you, your Beloved, and the relationship.

This is the ultimate soothing experience that allows you to be PRESENT and able to experience what is happening. And how it might be worked out in a win-win way. So you can be present instead of being in your head. Instead of agonizing about how bad things are, how right you are in the given situation, how your partner will NEVER EVER get it right. For sure, don’t get stuck in the swamp of negativity and suffering.

Benefits of Spiritual Practice in Healing Resentments

Often we focus our attention on being right. Or one-upping our partner. Better yet, holding onto resentments and how bad we feel. We might conclude that our partnership seems empty and hopeless. Who do you think is hurt the most by your resentments, whether they are justified or not? Your partner? Your children? Others? Yes, they are hurt, but not as much as this one person.

That would be YOU.

Switch YOUR ATTENTION over to connecting with a Higher Power.  Change the channel in your mind. You will more easily stop that misery-resentment process and open up to new solutions. One of the greatest benefits of spiritual practice is that you become able to receive intuitive gut hunches or messages that help you.  And, in turn, these intuitive messages will guide you through the most difficult life and relationship situations. Usually these new inspired solutions offer both you and your Beloved a way to get your needs met. Amazingly, solutions appear that did not seem possible before. I like the way the great musician and songwriter Kenny Loggins puts it. “My trust in a higher power that wants me to survive and have love in my life, is what keeps me moving forward no matter what happens.

To continue reading about the benefits of spiritual practice in your daily life check out this first hand-account.


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  1. Val on June 1, 2013 at 10:13 am

    Such an important point! We are only hurting ourselves when we hold on to resentments. Switching our attention over to a higher power is a much better alternative.

  2. Stephanie on July 13, 2013 at 5:59 pm

    I have tried living life both ways. Believing in a Hp. Reality makes my life more enjoyable. There will be challenges in life, but with Hp nothing is that hard.

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