7 Powerful Self Love Affirmations

self love affirmations
Self Love Affirmations are your superpower.  Because self love is at the core of all our other loves.

Self-love affirmations can empower you to become respectful and truly appreciative toward yourself.  They help you experience unconditional positive self-regard and unconditional self-acceptance. Which means, regardless of your circumstances, behavior, achievements or life situations, you can learn to approve of yourself!

Even if you lack self-confidence or feel less than great about yourself.  Even if you are feeling shy, uncomfortable with people, or self-judging and critical of what you say and do.  Self love affirmations can turn these problems off and create a whole new level of self-confidence.  And new love in your life, in more ways than one!

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The Struggle to Activate Self Love Affirmations

You may consider your “real self” to be not so wonderful.  You might believe that you’re lacking something, or unhappy with your body.  The “you” that’s afraid to ask for clarification about where things are really heading with your current partner.  Or the worrier “you” that’s certain that he’s stringing you along and will never get serious; or worse that he will leave you–because he can do better.

All of us struggle with negative judgments about ourselves and critical self-talk.  We say things to ourselves we would never say to our friends or even strangers.  Imagine saying “You look like a fat blob in that dress!”  “You sound so stupid!” or “You are too boring” or “You look like an old hag!” to another woman.  You wouldn’t.  Yet, chances are, you have looked into a mirror and said some variation of these statements to yourself.

And yet, your first partner in love is yourself.  If you are not willing to be that loving to yourself, how can you expect someone else to?  Think about it. So please go ahead and give yourself these self love affirmations.

The 7 Powerful Self Love  Affirmations

  1.  I am a fully lovable and loving person
  2. I am a perfect child of God
  3. I bring joy, fulfillment and happiness to people.
  4. I am irresistible, magnetic and attractive.
  5. I am funny and fun.
  6. I deserve miraculous, surprisingly wonderful lasting love.
  7. I have Blessings and abundance of all kinds.

Work with each of the self love affirmations that call to you. Even if you are feeling the opposite right now. You can tinker and edit them as needed.  Be bold and outrageously positive about yourself.


How to Activate Self Love Affirmations

Write down each self love affirmations and post it where you will see it every day.  Perhaps in your closet, on your fridge or near your computer.   Put your attention on them for a few seconds each day.

Also, use each one of the self love affirmations as a mantra.  So simply sit quietly with eyes closed and repeat one of them silently to yourself about every 15 seconds.  Do this for about ten minutes. You will be shocked at how this helps to shift your mood in a positive direction!  And opens new possibilities for yourself. And for your love relationships.

How Do I Start?

Simply start by feeling OK just the way you are.  This is not dependent on what you do, accomplish or have. It is not dependent on getting approval from others, from your partner or from your family.  Also, it is not dependent on your being perfect and not making mistakes. You experience that you have value and worth.  You are free to be yourself without fear of disapproval or rejection. While you take responsibility for actions that are mistakes or lacking in integrity, when they do occur, you do not collapse in a morass of self-doubt, self-pity or punishing self-hate.

In fact, choosing to use self love affirmations comes from believing that you deserve to be happy, to experience and enjoy your life fully.  That you deserve a great partner who appreciates you, a true partner who wants to fill your needs, make you happy and grow into a win-win future with you.  You deserve the full and complete commitment of lasting love that fills in the holes and gaps in your heart and mends the tears, bitterness and heartbreaks of the past. You, my precious one, deserve the love, joy and gratitude that touch you with their grace and help you become a more giving and generous person.  And that bring out your natural integrity and your caring, nurturing and devotional qualities so that you are the best you can be.


Self Love Affirmations in Action

Keisha, a lovely 45 year old social worker entered our coaching program after her boyfriend left her for another woman. She discovered to her horror that he also left her with an STD.  Keisha was devastated and feeling very bad about herself.  In addition, she was prone to negative self talk about being “less than” and a piece of sh*t.  With the help of her coach she worked with 4 of the self love affirmations, putting them up around her house and using them as mantras.  Her favorite was, “I deserve miraculous, surprisingly wonderful lasting love.”

Over the course of three months, Keisha’s mood lifted and she started dating.  The first man she met turned out to be an amazing guy, a fellow social worker who was devoted to her in a way that she never felt before.  She laughed as she described him as ‘miraculously wonderful’ to her coach.  Then, Keisha was well on her way to healing self love and bouncing back better than ever.


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Now enjoy this video on self love affirmations.


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