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From: Nicole DiRocco
Your Gift: Up Close and Personal: 3 Hot Tips To Successful Dating In The 21st Century
Technology has changed the dating landscape in the 21st century. This guide shows you how to stay in your feminine grace while still embracing technology.
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From: Teia Collier
Your Gift : Yes, Choosing to Live Your Life Now
Enjoy this special e-book and mini workshop to encourage, inspire and remind you to live your life now. Created exclusively for this audience by Lifestyle Expert and Publisher at Dallas Single Mom Teia Collier
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From: Cynthia Rowland
Your Gift: Becoming Younger Naturally
Save 25% off our Facial Magic Digital Starter Pack when you use the coupon code FRESH at checkout. Free additional 8 weeks online training included with this offer. Everything you need to look years younger is in this package.
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From: Kim Seltzer
Your Gift: Body Shape Guide for Women and Man’s Fashion Manifesto
Are you overwhelmed when trying to put together a dating outfit? Most of the time,wardrobe frustration and malfunction are related to not knowing your body and what looks good on it! In Kimberly’s Body Shape Guide for Women and Man’s Fashion Manifesto, she helps you determine what body type you have, what clothes flatter your figure and specific fashion tips for you.
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From: Dr. Bonnie Eaker-Weil
Your Gift: "Restoring the Magic"
"Restoring the Magic" is an exciting excerpt from my book "Make Up, Don't Break Up". This chapter will reveal twelve creative ways to please your lover and restore the sizzle in your relationship.
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From: Dawn Burnett
Your Gift: Yes a mini complimentary consultation
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From: Patty Contenta
Your Gift: Confidence Boosting Self Date Guide
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From: Beatty Cohan
Your Gift: For Better for Worse Forever: Discover the Path to Lasting Love
My book, based on my research and clinical experience, teaches people how to assess who's right or wrong for them BEFORE committing to any serious relationship. It changes the way you look at relationships Forever. It educates,empowers and keeps you safe!
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From: Sharon Pope
Your Gift: Stay or Go: How to Find Confidence and Clarity So You Can Fix Your Marriage or Move Forward Without Regret.
If you are struggling to decide if it's worth fighting for your relationship or if it's time to leave, and you're serious about finding that answer...this book is the most important book you’ll ever read.
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From: Helena Hart
Your Gift: "3 Keys To Attract The Man You Want" Report and Audio Training
In this 12-page report and in-depth audio training, you'll discover secrets that you've probably never heard before to attract the man you want and bring his closer than ever.
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From: Treva Brandon Scharf
Your Gift: Treva’s 15 Tough Love Tips To Get Over Your Ex, Heal Your Heart, And Become A Badass Again
Cut your breakup recovery time in half with this definitive list of breakup tips from dating coach, Treva Brandon Scharf. They're test-driven and guaranteed to strengthen, empower, and get you back to being a badass in life and love. Get ruthless with your healing by making these tips a part of your process. They're life changing!
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From: Robyn Vogel
Your Gift: 3-Step Strategy That Men + Women Use to Reboot their Libidos + Start Having Sex Again
In this webinar, Robyn Vogel of Come Back to Love will share with you the secrets and steps to reboot your libido and enjoy sex again...even if you have not been feeling sexual in YEARS!
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From: Marcy Neumann
Your Gift: Free Enrollment in Self Love University
Enroll free in Self Love University and instantly receive 8 Essential Keys for Cultivating Self Love.
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From: Amy Schoen
Your Gift: Motivated to Marry Toolkit
Are you Dating for Marriage or Not Really Sure? Losing hope that you will ever meet someone special for marriage or a committed long term relationship? Are you not meeting quality people to date that you click with and those that you see as becoming a viable marriage partner? Do you wonder if you are truly marriage material or if marriage is in the cards for you? As the Motivated to Marry Coach, Amy Schoen is an expert at helping singles attract their FOREVER life partner and move forward towards a committed relationship leading to marriage. Get this FREE Training Audio with Action Guide, e-Course and quiz to truly know if you are truly on track for marriage or way off track!
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From: Laura Kennedy
Your Gift: Soulmate Attraction Guide: The Conscious Way to Raise Your Love Vibration and Attract the ONE! Imagine attracting the love of your life with a sense of confidence and ease. (Yes, it IS possible!). In my Soulmate Attraction Guide, you’ll explore KEY principles to raise your Love Vibration and attract the ONE as well as the opportunity to book a private session with me.
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From: Michelle Melendez
Your Gift: 5 Insights To End Weight Loss Frustration
Discover:3 Keys fitness trainers and nutritionists don’t know that are crucial to losing weight. How your body’s cells have memorized chemical reactions that keep you struggling with your weight. Why you will FOREVER SELF-SABOTAGE Yourself when trying and lose weight And a TON More!
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From: Carmen Harra
Your Gift: The Karma Queens Guide to Relationships. Plus 2 Free Sessions!
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From: Nijole Sparkis
Your Gift: "Love Right Now!" 3-part video series
This is a 3-part video series I created to give my community as a Holiday present. Each video gives you an important principle for creating more love in your life right now, along with an exercise to help you embody what I teach. Audio versions are also provided for your convenience.
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From: Mark Rosenfeld
Your Gift: How to Use Your Eyes in Dating
The eyes are the windows to the soul--and lots more! This ebook describes how to use your eyes to bond, connect and attract your soulmate.
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From: Joanna Shakti
Your Gift: Training Series: Paving The Way For Soul Love
How Single and Couples Find and Create Soul Partnerships (3 part training series). Whether You’re in a Relationship or Looking for One I’ve Identified Exactly How to Pave the Way to Soul Love Where Two Beings Unite Soul-to-Soul, Heart-to-Heart, And Body-to-Body.
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From: Dr. Erica Goodstone
Your Gift: Love Me ... Please - 3 Small Ebooks
A special gift of highlights from 3 popular ebooks about love - The Gift of Love, Be Who You Are - The Greatest Gift of All, and The Delicate Dance of Love. This simple set of thought-provoking questions and brief exercises will help you jump start your love life.
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From: Camille Virginia
Your Gift: Dating App Detox: The ultimate guide to getting a date without going online
Discover 3 secret steps to meet a quality man in the real world... 6 ways to pull him toward you like a magnet (without saying a word). Scripts to break the ice with anyone (even if you're shy around men). The 1 phrase that gets him to ask you out!
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From: Annie Gleason
Your Gift: The Ultimate Guide to Attracting Lasting Love When You're Feeling "Too Old"
This video guide provides you with the tools you need in order to be on your way to finding the love you desire, no matter what your age. Includes supportive, successful in-person dating strategies from how to meet someone special to dating strategically to find lasting love.
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From: Michelle Marchant Johnson
Your Gift : 10 Secrets Every Woman Needs To Know About Men
Special Report and MasterClass Audio Training. The top 10 secrets men have shared with me in my interviews with hundreds of men. These are secrets men wish women knew, But don't know how to tell you. If you want to have a great relationship with a man, these secrets are essential for you to know!
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From: Lisa Steadman
Your Gift: Free excerpt from my ebook How To Meet Your Husband
Free excerpt from my ebook How To Meet Your Husband
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From: Mal Duane
Your Gift: Reclaim Your Self Worth
Discover the 3 Keys to Reclaim Your Life After Trauma, Addiction or Divorce
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From: Judith Orloff
Your Gift: How to Stop Absorbing Other People's Energy
In this audio download Dr. Judith Orloff explores the strategies to thrive as a sensitive person. You will learn how to stay grounded and centered, yet also remain intuitive and open. Dr. Orloff also discusses how to identify draining people and avoid absorbing the stress of the world plus much more.
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From: Polina Solda
Your Gift: Discover Your Love Life Blueprint 1-on-1 Coaching Session
Bring your most pressing questions about dating and love to a 1-on-1 dynamic coaching session!
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From: Patti Britton
Your Gift: "For Her Pleasure: Modern Lessons from the Ancient Kama Sutra"
In this ebook, you will explore how to evoke the sacred and explore ecstatic sexuality together with your Goddess. This ebook is about: Sacred Yoni and Finger Dancing with helpful tips on how to access and sustain Goddess-driven pleasures.
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From: Tamara Green, LCSW
Your Gift: Expand to Love Video Meditation.
Expand effortlessly into a high vibrational state, perfect for attracting your soul mate with this gorgeous full sensory video meditation. This is co-created by Dr. Diana's friend and colleague, Tamara Green, LCSW, who is a seasoned Love Mentor® and is featured on Page 132 of Diana's new book!
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PS: Make sure you get this gift so that you then receive the humorous gift, The 5 Keys to Love in 9,000 Days!!
From: Jane Garapick
Your Gift: Find Your True Love: 10 Simple Steps to Getting the LOVE You Want - And Deserve!
10 Simple Steps to finally having the kind of love you've always wanted in your life!
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From: Elsbeth and Freddy
Your Gift: Creating Intimacy & Love DVD (Download)
Learn Tantric Intimacy Practices to attract and create lasting love and intimacy in your life and relationship.
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From: Ann Robbins
Your Gift: From Essential Oils of The Earth, the premier essential oil company! Free e-book: "Attract Love and Abundance using Essential Oils",
PLUS receive 75% off The Fab Four: Our most popular Essential Oil Perfumes! 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils blended with organic Jojoba Oil (no alcohol or fragrance oils ever!). Set of four includes one each of "You Had Me at Hello", "I Feel Pretty", "How Sweet It Is!', and "Head Over Heels" in a 5 ml roller bottle. An $85 value! Receive 75% off using offer code LOVEIN90DAYS at check out. From Essential Oils of The Earth.
eBook: Click for this bonus gift FREE, NO PURCHASE NECESSARY
The Fab Four: Click for this bonus gift USE COUPON CODE LOVEIN90DAYS FOR 75% OFF
From: Cyndi Olin
Your Gift: Creating a Relationship in which you feel Cherished and Adored.
Take Time for your Love Life and How to Meet Your Soulmate (in 30 Days or Less) ebooks AND Love Mastery Recording
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From: Wendy Lyon
Your Gift: Finding Your Happily Ever After with Dr. Wendy - The True Love Coach
Free Webinar for Singles. Join Dr. Wendy for this transformative webinar if you are single and seeking love, tired of relationship disappointment, or confused and discouraged about dating. Learn the principles of Conscious Dating and the steps you can take now to create a life you love with the love of your life!
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From: Susan Ball
Your Gift: Be My V.I.P. Session
I've been where you are and I know how immobilizing fear can be. I've helped dozens of women take the first bold steps to create a life they love. And I can do the same for you. Schedule your free VIP session and together we'll create a plan to step into your courage and begin living free fulfilled and fearless.
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From: Kristen Darcy
Your Gift: Every Day Certainty System Download with the EveryDay Certainty Pocket Companion
Kristen Darcy explains the brief, but life changing Everyday Certainty system. This system can be applied in any situation whether it be infertility, divorce or simply a change in your life. You and your intentions will change as you learn how to search your soul, give comfort to yourself and others and transform your perspective in profound ways. You are invited to change and embrace a new way of living!
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From: Chelli Pumphrey
Your Gift: A free copy of the Love Styles 101 online course
Did you know that your attachment style is one of the MOST SIGNIFICANT influences on your adult relationships? Join therapist and attachment expert Chelli Pumphrey, MA, LPC, as she shares her easy to understand concept of attachment called The 4 Love Styles. Break decades of unhealthy relationship patterns!
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From: Bryan Reeves
Your Gift: "Love, Sex, Relationship, Magic" Program
Free Module (Your Relationship Blueprint). In this free module of my "Love, Sex, Relationship Magic" Audio Program (Value: $97), get empowering insight into your relationship patterns and discover WHY you keep experiencing the same things over and over.
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From: Geoff Laughton
Your Gift: Relationship Design: The Essentials Video Course
A 4-part video series describing the essential 4 things you need to have to effectively design a powerful, fulfilling relationship.
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From: Dr. Ellen Albertson
Your Gift: 10 Tips to Rock Midlife!
My JUICY SECRETS to Dissolve Overwhelm, Stress & Exhaustion That Midlife Can Bring. Plus, Easy To Follow ACTION STEPS That Will Create A Huge SHIFT In Your Life Immediately!
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From: Julie Spira
Your Gift: The 7 Secrets to Finding Love Online
With 25 years of experience, Julie Spira, America's Top Online Dating Expert, will help you shorten your search and teach you how to successfully find love on mobile dating apps.
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I am super excited to share these amazing beauty and relationship advice gifts with you!

Read through carefully to see which gifts call to you.  Or simply claim them all.  There are gifts that provide relationship advice for women that are highly unusual and helpful, like Mark Rosenfeld's e-book on how to use your eyes to bond and flirt.  Relationship advice for women around their body shape and flattering fashion styles is also very important. So you might want to check out Kim Seltzer's gift.  And Kristen Darcy's Everyday Certainty gift is a wonderful report with relationship advice for women who are interested in living comfortably and in a state of peace.  Actually all the gifts are wonderful!  So scroll up, choose yours and enjoy!

Wishing you great love and happiness in your relationships,
and may all your love and relationship dreams come true!
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