Top Ten Romantic Texts

Romantic texts can change the whole emotional climate of your relationship. Gwen, a client in our Love Mentoring program used it to get the commitment she wanted from her boyfriend, Karl.  After being together just a few short months, Gwen was pushing Karl away because she was demanding to meet his kids and family, know where things were heading, and so on. This was just causing him to back off away from her. We asked Gwen to stop her anxious demands and had her set up an amazing romantic texting relationship with Karl.  This created ATTRACTION rather than the repulsion she was generating before.  Over time it brought them much closer and they got happily engaged (Karl proposed!).

Here is an excerpt about romantic texts from my new e-book, 30 Days to Love: The Ultimate Relationship Turnaround Guide to help you use the magic of smoking hot text love notes to create the relationship you want:

I want you to look over these top 10 romantic texts and begin to use some to change the emotional climate of your relationship. Just use simple templates that begin with “Love your…” or “Can’t wait to…” or “Still thinking about…” and add in a truthful ending. Send a few messages like the ones below during the day and watch what happens!

  • Luv your kiss
  • Can’t wait 2 feel your touch
  • Still thinking about your lips
  • Love your abs & OMG, your happy trail….
  • Love to kiss you, you know where OMG
  • Can’t wait to get your hands on me (or my hands on you!)
  • UR awesome
  • UR the man
  • Thanks for making my day
  • UR 1 great lover

You will be surprised by the response you get when you start sending romantic texts like these. You’re going to get a wonderful result. Maybe not at the first text, or the second, but keep on going and you will see what happens—your partner is going to be a lot more responsive and interested in you.   There are other great tips to use with your partner that will help you get the commitment and juicy love you want.  They’re all in 30 Days to Love: The Ultimate Relationship Turnaround Guide. (Amazon priced it at only $2.99—the best deal in town).  You can start reading it right away and be love-bound before you know it!




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