Top Secrets for Passionate Lasting Love! Episode Two

I hope you got a chance to watch my first episode from my newest web series, “Top Secrets for Passionate, Lasting Love” released just last week! We discussed the importance of reinventing that closeness, that connection, that “in-love” feeling you have with your partner.

If you missed it, you can watch the first episode here.

Today, we’re releasing the second episode of this three-part series. In episode 2, we’ll talk about showing appreciation and gratitude. Learn the secrets of making your partner feel special! Passionate lasting love depends upon showing appreciation and gratitude.

Here’s an idea: Grab your most special pictures, pick your favorite song, and create a lasting, memorable video for your partner. This is such a beautiful gift, and it’s something they can hold on to for years to come – and so easy to do. My guest, Tom Clifton, co-founder of Animoto, will show you exactly how to do this in minutes with a free Animoto video.

Watch episode 2 here

I would love to see the videos you create! Post them to my Facebook page if you’d like to share.

Stayed tuned next week for our final episode on lasting love.

Wishing you love,

Dr. Diana

P.S. Want to create a video for your loved one on Valentine’s Day? Sign up for Animoto Plus and get a free HD upgrade credit using the promo code “LoveInHD”. (expires 03/31)


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