Soulmate Talking: The Power of Speaking Your Truth

soulmate talkingSoulmate Talking: The Power of Speaking Your Truth

I just got an email from Ellen, in Iowa who’s feeling frustrated in her relationship with her boyfriend:

Dear Dr. Diana,

Sometimes I feel like it is impossible to tell my boyfriend what I really think, feel or even want.  Even though it is so important to me to feel like I am understood in this relationship.  I’m afraid it is all too much for him. Or that he will disappear on me. What should I do?

Ellen, speaking your truth or what I call Soulmate Talking is vital to creating a real love that lasts.

Here’s an excerpt from  my brand new relationship advice book, 30 Days to Love: The Ultimate Relationship Turnaround Guide to help you learn the skill of soulmate talking so that you and your partner can  have more of your needs met in the relationship:

“We all have to have courage to have loving straight talk with our partners. I call this Soulmate Talking– communicating who you are and what you really need. Here’s how the great psychoanalyst and philosopher Erich Fromm described it:

“There is nothing of which we are more ashamed than of not being ourselves. And there is nothing which brings us greater joy and happiness than to think, feel, and say what is ours.

Healthy partners clearly explain what they think and feel. More importantly, they express what they want and need so that they can help each other win and come through for one another. They make statements like, “Honey, I feel a bit lonely. Please sit with me,” or “Sweetheart, I’m really tired and would love it if you cleaned up the kitchen tonight.”

How often do you find yourself in an inner rant, full of resentment because your partner should have known? It is amazing how we all get into the expectation that someone should be able to read our minds and just know what we need. And, of course, deliver it. This is simply not fair.

So in the next day or two, please avoid relying on mind reading, in which you assume that your significant other should just “get” what you really want and provide it without you having to ask. This negative pattern sets your partner up to fail, which creates disappointment, anger, and emotional alienation. ”

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“The idea that makes it all work is to lovingly say what is on your mind and ask for what you need. Take some quiet time alone and journal about it a bit to understand exactly what you do want. You will gain a lot of clarity that way.

There’s another benefit gained from expressing your truth and, most importantly, your deeper needs for encouragement, support, and dedication. We now know through research on healthy couples that having your partner’s help in growing as a person and vice-versa also improves the quality of the whole relationship. In fact, as Pearl Buck once said, “Love dies only when growth stops.” So reach for your courage, take a risk and practice soulmate talking. As they say, No guts, no glory.”

I hope you enjoyed this excerpt from my new e-book,  30 Days to Love: The Ultimate Relationship Turnaround Guide.  One of the personal reasons for writing about soulmate talking is that I’ve found that many women find it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to speak their truth in a way that it can be heard. Yet it is absolutely essential for a lasting passionate relationship. If you do not speak your truth, a distance will grow between the two of you and love will disappear from your relationship. That’s when people start having affairs. And not with each other. If you find you have a lot of trouble in this arena, sign up for a free phone or Skype consult with one of my expert Love Mentors®.

Wishing you love,

Dr. Diana

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