The Simplest Fix for an Unhappy Love Life

Are you feeling unhappy about your love life? Disappointed, hurt, sad or frustrated with a romantic relationship? Well, if you said yes to either question, read on. Unfortunately, when you are busy counting your misfortunes and your unhappy love life, it is next to impossible to make yourself or your partner happy. On the other […]

Wall Street Journal Celebrates The Future of Love

wall street journal

Dearest Reader, A few days ago I was privileged to be on a live Wall Street Journal broadcast looking at what love, marriage and relationships will look like in the decades ahead. The broadcast is part of the celebration of The Wall Street Journal’s 125th Anniversary. Participating in the interactive video interview was Elizabeth Bernstein, […]

Five Red Flags That Predict Heartbreak is Ahead

Here’s another true love story about avoiding red flags from our Dating Advice for Women Series. Carla, a 50 year old ICU nurse, met Juan, a lean hunk of a guy, at the dog park. As her Pomeranian cavorted with his French bulldog, Juan regaled Carla with stories from his native Ecuador. He was coming […]

Create Self-Confidence With This Simple Exercise!


Here’s another self-confidence boosting exercise from my new book, The Diamond Self Secret: Say Good-Bye to Your Inner Critic and Hello to Self-Acceptance, Serenity, and Lasting Love. “Dear Dr. Diana, I did the Chocolate Cake exercise from The Diamond Self Secret and it was an amazing experience that started shifting my self-confidence level and the […]

How to Calm Your Troubled Mind

This blog is excerpted from a longer piece called Calm Your Troubled Mind. It’s the feature story in the new Digital Magazine Real Stress Solutions. I really love this magazine because it focuses exclusively on stress reduction techniques which we all need to learn and practice daily. I know I certainly do. Real Stress Solutions […]

Find Serenity By Not Overgiving


“Dear Dr. Diana, I have done the Spiritual Diamond Self work from your new book, The Diamond Self Secret, and it was a magical experience to come up with “Caring Emissary of the Light” as my spiritual nickname. I really was able to find serenity and stillness of mind! But sometimes it is very hard […]