How to Have Hot Intimacy and Great Sex with Your Partner

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Today’s blog about creating great sex and passionate relationships is written by one of our expert Love Mentors®, Karen Holland.

“You always say no when I want to have sex!”  “Well, you never tell me you love me or even give me a hug when I come home! Why would I want to have sex with you!?” Sound familiar? Perhaps in your own relationship you’re caught up in the bind that Rick and Donna used to be caught up in.   Rick couldn’t understand why Donna lost all her desire for him and felt very frustrated and lonely.  Donna didn’t feel loved or appreciated and certainly didn’t want to do that with him! She was lonely too.

When they came to see me, their marriage was on the brink.  They needed help fast.  We talked about what it means to make love “outside the bedroom.” I gave them three tools for developing emotional intimacy plus a few exercises to heat up their sex life as well as deepen their emotional connection. But before we get to the three rules of passion I want you to sign up right here for my Dating Tips and Relationship Advice Newsletter. It’s free and full of wisdom. Each letter contains gems like how to rekindle your passion, how to stop fighting quickly, how to get a commitment and how to find your soulmate.

Rule #1: Learn what you and your partner need.

Rick learned that warmth, words of appreciation and lots of physical affection made Donna feel closer to him.  Then, to his delight, he saw that giving a good foot rub and a few kisses in just the right spot could drive Donna wild.  Donna got that Rick needed a sexual connection to feel closer to her. But to provide that, she had to learn simple strategies to reconnect to the irresistible sexy woman that she was during their courtship.   Now, they can’t keep their hands off each other!

Rule #2: Be willing to let go of the bind that keeps you stuck, feeling lonely and unfulfilled.

Willingness to change. Sounds easy but it’s actually hard. We all want to be right and maintain our position even if it means no sex, no passion, no nothing in the bedroom. Sometimes we have to hit bottom and admit defeat to get to willingness. And then comes the change part which is no picnic either. The good news with Rick and Donna was that they were desperate and headed for a breakup. They were very willing to get out of their bind and really change how they treated each other both in and out of the bedroom. Of course, they had help which leads to our final rule.

Rule #3: Get coaching to help you get unstuck.

Your relationship is too important to let it slide down the tubes!  If you try to bring things together and it is not working, get help, like Rick and Donna did. With a little guidance, you too can get unstuck and start having a lot more great sex with your partner!  And you can go from a state of loneliness to sharing a passionate connection.

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  • Know if a man’s really interested, or if you’re just another notch in his belt
  • Hold onto yourself, learn to powerfully observe the quality of a man and build the foundation for a deeply sexy, loving relationship!

Thank you, Karen, for your wise words and dating advice for women. And you can have a free 40-minute dating coaching session by phone or Skype with a handpicked expert dating coach

Wishing you love,

Dr. Diana

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